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  1. A got free diamond bright too on a second hand car (black) they said a treated car is smooth too touch coz the stuff puts a film over the paint and you only need too wash the car with water but a wasnt happy with the finish so a polished the car with my own stuff
  2. Most newer vehicles av driven are a few mph under the display and digital oners seem too be worse
  3. Cheers bud heading too the car shop at the weekend so al stock up
  4. That's a shame they looked cool
  5. Ok thank you man al try and find out what tints are on the car
  6. A seen a st focus 5 door with rear led light and was wondering if you can bye and fit them too a standard focus
  7. Hi looking for some advice on cleaning the tinted windiws on ma focus they are factory fitted
  8. Is there any Ford meets in the glasgow/lanarkshire area
  9. Airdrie lanarkshire
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums zander :)