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  1. Abs Light On

    Oh yes - been in "vegas" most of my life:-)
  2. Abs Light On

    That's two of us in the same town with the same problem - mine is going to Autoclinic on Wednesday.
  3. Rear Wheel Bearing?

    Well I had the parts fitted (and a new ABS sensor). Now the ABS pump kicks in when I brake after driving a very short distance followed by the ABS and traction control lights - ARGH!!!!!!
  4. Rear Wheel Bearing?

    Update: on 09/02/12 I managed to get two rear wheel bearing kits (including shields) for £48.00. Then drove directly to a local garage with a good reputation and agreed a price (£50.00) for them to fit both bearings and the new rear brake pads I had purchased and so booked it in for the repairs to be done on 15/02/12. As soon as I set off from the garage to go home (a distance of just under one mile) I heard a "clattering" noise from the rear and the ABS warning light coming on - DOH!!!
  5. Rear Wheel Bearing?

    Is that £35 including parts and labour per side including vat? If its gonna cost me £70 all in then its off to the dealer! (my last job in the car industry was with Ford ) Thanks everyone for the help so far - very much appreciated
  6. Rear Wheel Bearing?

    Sorry if this has been covered before but I could not find any information in the search link. I am noticing a "grumbling/grating" noise coming from the rear of my 2000 (year) 2.0 litre petrol saloon which has just done 33000 miles. It's not me or any passengers so I am looking at replacing the rear wheel bearings. I see from google searches that there was a recall for this which involved replacing the bearings and putting a "shield" in to protect the bearing from the ingress of water and dirt. I know my car is out of warranty but has anyone had this recall done? Is it worth contacting my local Ford dealer to see if it can still be done? I am fairly competent at repairs but I understand the bearings need pressing out, I don't have a press and to be honest its !Removed! freezing outside at present so I have been looking at prices of bearing kits which vary massively and having the work done at a local garage. I can't see any kits that seem to have the "shield mod", does anyone know of any reasonable cheap kits? I will get both sides done and have the rear pads replaced at the same time. Thanks on advance for any info/advice
  7. W-Reg 2000 Focus 1.6 Zetec Fuel Tank Capacity?

    I think the capacity of the fuel tank is 60 litres. I have put just over 58 litres in mine when it was very low on fuel. It normally costs me just over £70.00 to brim it at todays (petrol) prices :(
  8. Newby Says "hi"

    Will do as soon as I can work out how to do it - I have seen a link somewhere, I would like to post a pic when it is CLEAN and when I have fitted the thermostat housing (tomorrow hopefully).
  9. Newby Says "hi"

    Hi everyone, just like to say hello to all. I have a Mk 1 Focus 2.0 Ghia saloon which has just done 32,000 miles (it had 13474 miles when I bought it three and a half years ago) I spent over twenty years in the retail motor industry (in sales and aftersales) and love the drive of this car even though I keep having to spend increasing amounts of money on it to keep it well maintained. I will no doubt be begging advice sometime but if I can be of any assistance or see a post I can help with then I am only too happy to help. all the best Mark
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums grandtrousers :)