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  1. passenger footwell wet

    we have got an 08 plate focus and have got it in at the dealers as still under warranty for this very same problem of water in the passenger footwell, they think its the bulkhead seal, they haven't mentioned anything about pollen filters, which you would have thought they would if it was a recall issue.
  2. New Member

    Hi everyone. Registered on here on behalf of my partner, who drives an 08 plate ford focus zetec, ex motability car. He bought it from a ford dealers just before christmas and already is having problems, has found that it is wet through in the passenger footwell underneath the carpet. It is currently in the dealers, took it in yesterday morning, they have rang him this afternoon to tell him it is sorted and that it was the bulkhead seal, but when they gave it him back the footwell was still wet through, so hes still down at dealers with it. Wondered if anyone else had experienced similar problems.
  3. thanks for the welcome, its actually my partners car, as I don't drive, but registered to try and find out if other owners of 08 focus had problems with them leaking and water collecting in passenger footwell.

  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Foxydebs :)