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  1. Best Number Plate/reg Plate You Have Seen?

    I'm about to buy a very good plate. So good that I'm not telling what it is in case someone get's it before I decide. LOL :P
  2. Nice but doesn't Haynes ( LOL ) advise against forcing the drop link down?
  3. I'd buy some but my reversing lights AND rear wiper on a mk3 mondeo estate have stopped working. checked the bulbs n fuses, ok. No idea where to look now. :(
  4. Where Is My Fixed Orifice Tube

    "Offside"? Right. Er.......
  5. Hi folks, I want to change my Fixed Orifice Tube on my Mk3 2.2 Diesel but don't know where it is. Anyone help please? Thank you.
  6. Electric Break For Caravan Installation

    Took me at least 5 minutes before I worked out he meant "brakes". You might get an answer now m8. :)
  7. Mondeo Map

    Hmmm. Won't the mpg depend on how you drive it now?
  8. But you only use them in fog, don't you? I mean, you wouldn't be a knob and use foglights as spotlights. Would you?
  9. Aren't they sealed for life?
  10. Error Codes

    Did you get it fixed?
  11. 53 Plate Tdci 130 Glow Plug Light

    No idea but did you get it sorted and what was the fault?