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  1. bin on a good run to country lanes, getting over 40 mpg now so its getting better ? cleaning the egr valve must of helped ,, think short trips i use it for aint doing it no good ? and cold weather ,
  2. seen thanks thanks but mine aint in the same place ? mine a euro 4 2005 115 bhp ?thanks anyway mark
  3. hi im looking for a MAF sensor on my mondeo , its not on the air intake pipe from the air filter ? so will it have one some were else ?
  4. no i cannot see anything on the air intake pipe ? dont think its got one .. i have seen pics of others with one the cars runs well , tick over ok no smoke , ive cleanthe the egr valve out today and the inlet manifold , there was abit of gunk in there ? put it back togeather en runs ok ,, still only getting 28 - 30 MPG , thow ,, wat else can i try , the car starts first thing , and seems to run good , had a look at the turbo pipe that normaly splits , cannot see anything wrong ? ive tryed injector cleaner , i use bp fuel and shell only / im going to change the fuel filter tomorrow as thats the only thing i aint changed ,, cannot see this improvving the fuel thow ?? thanks for ur help cheers mark
  5. no it was worse till i put the K&N in ,, its a 2005 face lift model , it says on the web sites clean the MAF out but cannot find were this is on mine ? any clues were to locate it ? its doing my head in only gettin 28 - 30 MPG slow driving ? dont realy want to get rid of it as i ove the car > but i do like good MPG cars ? thanks for ur help cheers mark
  6. hi all ive got a 2005 tdci 115 mondeo with 43 thow on it,, just seviced it my self , oil filters , its got full ford service and aint due yet but i like to keep my car in good condition , ive put a KN filter on it , used magnetex oil , my prob is that my fuel mpg as gone down . it was doing over 40 round the town , but now only getting 30 , any one else had this prob , could it be the cold weather ? its a LX model , ive put 18 inch wheels onit , with 225 40 18 tyres , exon light kit , thanks mark