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  1. Focus St Xenons

    There are loads of items on ebay claiming to be HID or Xenon kit but it just isn't the case. In my opinion a decent set of blue tinted brand named bulbs will often give the same look (as they appear white when illuminated) and cost a load less without running the risk of melting the headlamp lenses. I think its a fashion thing at the moment but is there that much benefit to warrant spending loads of time and effort on what essentially is a light?
  2. Quickclear. Why Only Ford

    I agree I love it. Such a basic yet really effective idea. One day I am sure you will see it on all cars.
  3. Snow

    They are only paint friendly if the paint is immaculately clean, even then I wouldn't risk it. If you drive along with a bit of snow it would either fall off or melt without doing any damage.
  4. Fiesta - Brakes Squeaking

    Quite often it is a build up of dust and crud. If you spray some brake cleaner in there it will often flush out the rubbish for a while and resolve the issue until it builds up again. Make sure you do it when their cold though otherwise you could risk cracking a disc.
  5. Ford Focus Idle Problem

    Never use carb cleaner. Only ever use electrical contact cleaner. The carb cleaner will eat at the platinum in the sensor.
  6. Door Trim?

    Hi guys, my partners fiesta had this issue up until a few minutes ago. When we bought the car a couple of weeks back I spotted the trim was held on with insulting tape (also known as insulation tape) on the rear left. Yesterday I gave the cars a wash and the jet wash did the same to the drivers side trim. I had a look this morning and it seems the common issue is the clips become unglued from the trim panel. I rectified it with some £4 epoxy (Araldite twin tube). I have used araldite to bodge plenty of parts in the past on race cars including a gearbox casing on one occasion until we had a chance to weld it at the workshop. I am sure the stuff will do the job here. If you can save the pounds and spend a few minutes making sure the clips are glued on properly its well worth a try. Hope this helps.
  7. Maf Sensor Location

    Right I've managed to fix it so I'm replying encase anyone has a similar issue. The MAF sensor is in fact a the TMAP of the fiesta, not the MAF as sold by Euro car parts. The tmap definitely helped but there was still an issue that I needed to finalize. I changed the coil but it still wasn't any good so I robbed the HT leads off my focus. Problem solved and it ran better than it ever had done. So in summary I strongly suspect there were two issues running side by side. So in all it has had a new tmap £50, Coil £32, Spark plugs £8, air filter £6 and some HT leads £17. A real pain in the rear but I got there in the end. The missus is well chuffed now and I have only got to throw an oil filter on and it has had its service for the next year.
  8. Maf Sensor Location

    I know what you mean, according to the Haynes book on the 2003 only the diesel has a maf. But that doesn't explain why the OBD throws the maf P0103 code and it can be purchased for the 1.4 engine. This is driving me crazy. It ran fine for a while, then started giving me problems and has got progressively worse. There is a MAP sensor fitted but that has a different code all together.
  9. Maf Sensor Location

    Yes MAF is mass air flow. I have had the airbox off and no sign of it. On my focus it is in the intake after the filter housing, you can't miss it with the great big electrical connector hanging out of the top. But on the fiesta there is no sign. So I thought maybe it doesn't have one, but that doesn't explain why parts shops sell one for it or why it has a mass air flow high voltage input error code. There is a map sensor in the throttle body, but that would throw up a P0108 code. I'm really confused.
  10. Maf Sensor Location

    Hi there, My girlfriend bought a 1.4 duratec 2003 fiesta (mk6?) a few weeks ago, I drove it to screwfix last weekend and noticed it was running bad. I plugged my laptop into the OBD port and found P0103 (MAF sensor high input) and P0300 (random misfire). So I started searching for the maf sensor to give it and clean and test it. The problem is I cannot find the thing. I have got a new replacement form eurocarparts encase it is knackered. I even bought a Haynes book to help me find the damb thing. There is no mention of a maf sensor on the petrol models in the book, yet you can buy them from the parts supplier and the car has DTC codes showing there is a fault with it. I have pulled the airbox off, the feed pipe to the throttle body and still cant see it or the wiring plug for it. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Matthew Blackledge :)