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  1. Dee, whilst I don't disagree about the fun one could have, if it is liberally your run about, then keeping tax and insurance and fuel down is always handy, gives you more to spend on the toy.... Also you reckon RS is good for a family?It depends on your family I guess.... Being 6'6" I find the estate not big enough.... If I have someone behind me I often feel their a car full + buggies and a dog wouldn't be comfortable in a RS IMO.... Not to mention there is a bit of a price tag between the RS and a 1.6.... For the price tag on an RS I'd get a late 15-2016 ST estate... But it still wouldn't be a runaround..
  2. Thanks Ghana, I'll have a look when I'm on my laptop. I've found actually installing it is a pain in the backside, I can plug it straight in and it works fine, but turn engine off and then on again and it's reset back - clock is on midnight etc etc.... Swine!
  3. It was a second hand one hahah....and the van is a Renault French electrics....
  4. I don't like being baffled by electrical stuff.... I can wire up a new end on a plug, or replace things with new versions of the same thing... But things like vehicle electrics... Speakers, led strips, head units... (Specifically this blooming van reverse camera head unit xtron millions of wires thing) is really puzzling... I'm just not quite sure what to do....
  5. Wifey just made a very good point, we're getting a little off topic here and she said "tbh, if you want a run around" then anything high powered won't be that... So as far as cheap run arounds to, provided they stay in one piece like any car... The 1.6 is a good option... But if you want a run around with some oomph then go for something else....
  6. I get your point dee, I wouldn't want an X5 or a range rover because they're driven by completely useless halfwits.... That being said, I wouldn't necessarily turn down 'any' BMW,audi,merc just because of how others drive in them.... Also difficult as I'm in a different category to you guys... I like estates rather than hatchbacks... And BMW,audi,merc all make very tasty estates.... There will be exceptions to my "rule" but as mentioned, ford are 'lower down' than those aforementioned on brand price... So going back to the 1.6, chances are it's not as good as any counterpart in another brand, but if you're happy with it, then all's well. As for kias, yeh i noticed they're looking very ford like recently, I find myself squinting as I see one trying to figure it out...
  7. I suppose at the end of the day, Fords are (or were) a "budget car" (whatever that means).... Vauxhalls are the poor mans Ford... and Ford are sort of next in line in the standard british car, (of course I know it's not british)... Now we have variations of budget cars... so we have expensive versions of the budget cars - RS', STs', and even Tit x.... and then you even have the ahem insignias and their top versions in the vauxhall range... But we also have the French cars and the kias and the like... Then you have got the more expensive cars.. BMW's being the standard poor mans mercedes... and now Audis etc... So like for like BMW > Ford etc, but you deal with what you've got... My 1.6tdci estate is far greater/quicker and more comfortable than my first car, which was a 1.1/1.2 1996 Renault Clio 3 door... but of course, give me a sniff on an ST and I'll jump through hoops for it... but then like most others... I guess if someone lent me a merc AMG, I'd want that over the ST... or something like that...
  8. I don't like it when I can unquote something ^^^^^
  9. I've never driven one, but I can imagine that it might be the case given the S line is on a sports suspension which will be firmer than normal.... but granted, you can hardly say "its TOO ______" until you've actually tried it...
  10. I think it's dropped but it might be an illusion... the first picture you took of it sitting high, the inside of the arches are illuminated, so it's very obvious/pronounced... second picture no illumination, so looks like a less obvious gap.... but not 100% whether it's moved or not...
  11. crashy? as in rough?
  12. Got a 90 1.6tdci... no dpf, and it's not bad... it feels more nippy to me than 'fast'.... if that makes sense... Obviously bigger/faster could be more fun... but mine is a nice car and fun for what it is....
  13. I agree with you Jamie, and I understand why they do it, I just find it a bit sad how "adrian flux" always pushes the great friendly 'oooo, if you want a quote from us, I'm sure we can try and figure something out to see if you're happy with it'... when instead it's more of a "this is the quote, take it now, what do you mean you're not sure? Why aren't you sure?".... The online version on the forum is definitely a Dr Jekyll with the call centres becoming the Mr Hydes.... It's just a shame there isn't a little more uniformity through the company...
  14. I don't like playing pass the garbage with the neighbours.... We've got one of those big lockable bins that some neighbours feel should be the place for them to dump anything they wish - fortunately it's lockable... Yet had one neighbour walk around and then leave a half full paint tin against our building rather than going and putting it in his bin.... I swiftly picked it up and left it right in the middle of his drive. If he wants to dump it in a wheely bin then that's his choice, but don't leave it by me as if it's something I'm supposed to get rid of.