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  1. Fly tipping is disgusting and outrageous, however, since renovating our business I have come to have the tiniest bit of understanding of fly tippers and personally I hold the councils to blame.... blame the council is a pretty typical war cry I know....but hear me out... It is !Removed! hard to dispose of waste, cost wise it's not all that expensive, I mean, it's not free, so of course there will always be those that want something for nothing, so a nice spot of moorland is the key! However the loops that you're made to jump through to go down the correct procedures are enough to drive the most rational person bat**** crazy! We have a very large room at the front of our place, which at one point was filled with 'rubbish' - not garbage, but building rubbish, talking about 2 metres high and more... I have had pick ups from the council (at my expense) and in order to book one involves a combination probably not unlike being told to cut off both your hands, then pull out your teeth with a set of pliers..... i.e. painful and impossible.. You must have tried phoning 'a council' if you call before 9 no one is around, if you call AT 9 no one wants to answer the phone and talk to the moaners.... 10 is tea and smoke break, 10:30 they're recovering from tea break, 11 is ok, if they're not in a meeting or out of the office...... 12 is is 1 and 2... 3 is nearly home time o'clock and 4 is "I'm not doing overtime by talking to someone for 30 mins o'clock".... and heaven forbid you ask for an email or a call back... I have actually travelled to the dump with a van full of crap, debit card in hand only to be turned away... I noticed as I drove down a lane leading away from the dump that to the left and the right was mounds of rubbish that had been 'fly tipped'.... RIGHT NEXT TO THE DUMP! Why? Because they council make it near impossible to get rid of rubbish. Paint pots with any remnants of paint left in them are a no no... in fact, I've been told by my council that there is no facilities to get rid of paint pots from 'commercial' people.... ahem, ya what?!? So yeh, fly tipping is blooming awful! It should all be dumped into a council workers front garden, not in nature! ...excuse the rant...
  2. Oh if it's a cyclist then it's ok... Or hopefully the parents of any child they let play in the road....
  3. Would the neighbour as a 'defendant' not be entitled to see the video? Unless filmed from a vehicle or somewhat hidden location it might be hard to dispute who it was...Especially if he happens to notice Ghana + Brandy et al, standing there with a video camera one morning pointing right at him...
  4. Difficult to concentrate on watching tv, whilst eating a big bag of crisps and feel your way around a touch pad controller eh? ;)
  5. The problem with that pic of the discovery is as already stated, it's fine for an individual to squeeze down the gap, but a pushchair, wheel chair or the like will be unable to pass... 99% of the time the law is ok, but this is part of the 1% where just because it's legal, doesn't make it right... Ghana, regarding your neighbour and Jamie, the problem with capturing footage and showing it to the police is that it may end up landing you in hot water with a neighbour... "I don't care!" you may reply?.... That might change when it comes down to mentioning neighbourly disputes when selling property etc. It's very difficult to complain about locals - there is a VW golf on the road where I park with illegally tinted windows, I'm tempted to mention it seeing as he has pulled out on me more than once, and by accident! (evidently his vision isn't great)... there is also a few people who obstruct the junction and make it difficult to pull into the road or out of the road, another bunch that park half a car length into a parking row - therefore setting the subsequent chain of further parked cars off by half a length, meaning you can't maximise the cars in a row! All of which are ridiculous, but they're neighbours and the last thing anyone needs is neighbourly disputes regardless of how little a **** you think you give...
  6. I don't like morons that stand on the very edge of the curb waiting to cross, their feet right at the edge, their bag and contents slightly over the edge.... all causing me to clip the kerb on an island, yell some angry obscenities at them and then drive off to inspect my wheel. Next time I'm taking your bag out of your hands and anything else protruding into my path!
  7. Oh don't get me wrong, I bet the mustang is luxurious and comfy.... but I guess it all boils down to how easy it is to get in and out of... as you're not going to be sitting in the seat for that long before you need to refill...
  8. I don't mind those that park a distance with their nice cars... but that twerp in the Range rover parking like typical range rover driver is the YPLAC targets. It must take a lot of work to become as big an a-hole as that!
  9. I like the 2016 5.0 litre mustang parked outside our place today....would love to have a go hahaha.... although 5 L's seems a bit like an expensive run around.... I looked them up and saw they do a 2.3l ecoboost...even though it's still a big engine...sounds like nothing compared to a 5 L Pics to follow...
  10. It's a very difficult topic re the car and wifey did pry a reason for my general downturn in mood out of me in the end... The difficulty is that her family are very kind and have helped us tremendously but I said it's a hard pill to swallow if things come at extra costs... Ghana it's just a reflection, it's merely scratches... I reckon as they aren't deep that they'll buff out if someone knows what they're doing... but I will think more than twice before I let them borrow it again. Times like these it makes me glad it's "only" a 57reg bog standard focus and not a 14,15,16 reg ST.... heads would roll...
  11. The 'scratch' looks more surface, rather than deep, so someone that knows what they're doing can probably sort it..... Just gets on my udders...
  12. If it's instant stuff then there is choices at wholesalers if you have access, otherwise one thing my mum and dad do is carry around some Taylor's ground decaf coffee that is in like giant tea bags... It's really nice, it's probably not a financially sound or viable choice for a continuous every day thing, but it's in their camper gear for when one fancies a coffee and the other wants a tea.... Boil the kettle, throw a bag into a mug and add the water like a normal cup of tea....
  13. Lending my car to the in-laws..... I genuinely can't believe how careless they've been, I'm sure it will buff out but I'm actually speechless of how little a **** they give about cars...
  14. You're going to have to start making large batches of spaghetti bolognese, chili con carne (or chili con lentils works for no meat monday..), errrm what else? I used tinned toms quite a lot in cooking... I'll make a sort of spicy tomato based chicken with olives and spices and rice - kind of a spanishy type dish... patatas bravas is another one.... I also make a chickpea tomato curry thing with lemon, or lime... Wifey makes a lovely roast tomato and red pepper soup - has vodka and a heck of a lot of lea and perrins in it, highly recommend that for using up toms!
  15. Hahaha, cheers Ghana... it appears whatever illness it was was just *ahem* passing through... I sort of soldiered on through and felt fine by about 2-3 in the afternoon.... very strange, not sure if I got a chill or ate something less wonderful... either way I seem ok for now :D