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  1. See the wipers thing annoys me to some extent, but unless it's some bell ringer trying to rip one off, the simple action of lifting a wiper normally won't do the car any harm - again I know that is not really the point, you're touching someone else belongings which is the issue. I wouldn't have too much of an issue if I found my wiper up, obviously I'd do a look around and see if anything is messed up... I did however have some complete **** stick a chicken bone under my wiper once.... again I guess that would do no harm, but I could have killed that person! But standing on a car roof >.< scratches from stones on shoes... dents... scuffs...
  2. On the topic of ball bags... I don't like the two that decided to jump on car roofs outside of our place the other night (at midnight)... I watched one of them fall off (unfortunately he didn't break his neck)... I phoned 101 and they sent 'a unit', I trotted down the road to see if I could spot the guys and saw the police had stopped them already. Another police unit came and had a look at the two cars, neither of which had damage (although ones roof was 'popped in' I guess you could say)... I think they just took their details and that was that... Would rather they gave the two jumpers a quick beating with the batons and perhaps a taze or two then sent them on their way... Real morons tbh. I get that being drunk and clowning around has it's fun and sure the cars didn't look damaged, but just that sort of senseless moronic actions gets me raging... it's painful enough when you come out to your car anywhere and there is a mark on it that you weren't the cause of without it being caused my someone jumping on your blooming roof!!!!!
  3. Hahaha, "no, not just alcohol!" love it! I guess also, your environment and stress levels probably are another thing that's playing havoc with you... by environment I mean work as you clearly don't enjoy it there! I guess this probably leads to a bit of general low moods. I hope you can find something you enjoy soon buddy. Best of luck at the quacks!
  4. Hmmmm, poor you Jamie.... Get in ya veggies, drink plenty of fluids and cut out smoking ;) Generally, not just cos you're unwell. Of course, it's up to you and you might have tried lots of things... I just find some friends who smoke are fit as fiddles, others are plagued with every lurgy under the sun....
  5. That's the drug I was thinking of a while ago. It gets used quite a lot with ageing hounds and they love it.... or at least my sisters german shepherd used to love it, he'd get excited when he saw it and used to wait to eat his food until it was put in! Glad Brandy has it! Should do her lots of good!
  6. >.< and healthier too Lenny! Of course I know you could be struck down with some unforseen affliction at any point in your life, but seriously drinking way over the odds of caffeine and sugar sure isn't good for you!
  7. It's rare I'll have a drink on my own, sometimes if my wifes away and I've got a takeaway I might have a beer, watch a load of rubbish and eat rubbish... but it's rare she's away, so it rarely happens... and tbh, it's more me wallowing around not knowing what to do, more than me wanting one! haha... For me really it's a lack of spare cash, I don't really have anything spare at the moment... so a bit of a blow out every other month is sort of where we're at... and even then, we probably shouldn't bother... We are building up a fairly massive wine store though, my parents give us a bottle or two every time they come and visit, we still have a load from our wedding, other pressies etc. hahaha...
  8. I think it's 'forever' however if they have a sort of quantity for sale and you choose your quantity then maybe it's got a time limit... And yeh, 3 goes and your out, it's a bit of a pain, but then again, I do like to throw people silly offers when their buy it now price is ridiculous... :D
  9. It's weird actually, I used to be the sort of person who'd go out for a drink every saturday etc... now I rarely drink... We've got local friends in bands and we go watch them and have a few drinks, or a few too many, but I am actually pretty wary about not having a drink during the week.... I've got some nice cold beers in the fridge, but the problem is, if at the end of the day I have one, I'll probably want another... so that's 2... then if tomorrow is a 'harder' day than today, then I SHOULD have another couple tomorrow, then if the following day is less hard, well, might as well enjoy having one or two whilst I'm not stressed.... What I'm getting at is that it's very easy to think up excuses as to why I should have a drink. Wife and myself opened a bottle of red with dinner last night.... still have about a quarter bottle left.... Could be used for cooking :D .....saying that, it's been a busy day so far.... might be tempted to pour myself a glass... >.<
  10. Hush! There's a copper in the midst of this thread, can't go talking about taking a pic of their focus with grass!
  11. Or heaven forbid you actually put that spare funds aside for a rainy day fund....... such as when something goes clunk?
  12. Very late on this one, but want to pass on my condolences Ghana. Poor Bunty, very sad when animals time comes! Humm, how depressing...
  13. I'm beginning to dislike a neighbour in a rented flat nearby more and more.... To say he seems like a complete bell end would be an understatement.... I caught him piddling on the road a while ago because he was too desperate to make it inside... (an extra 20 metres or so)... I should have rubbed his nose in it there and then... Out the back of ours is a road with bins and the occasional 'item' that someone is throwing out, one day it was a bed in pieces... I came out one morning to see this bed impaled on a post.. We have cctv and it's always interesting to see whether it's a local clown or a passerby.... yup, it was the drunken staggering neighbour who felt he'd do that.... This morning I open the door at the back to let the dog out and notice a bank card sitting in these small weeds, I scooped it up and proceeded to the CCTV room - (it's happened once before it was a bank card belonging to a guest at a neighbouring hotel, so I figured this could be the same thing)... sifting through the footage, I see the card suddenly 'appears' almost as if thrown, it requires another camera angle and guess who, Mr Bell End neighbour walking down the road throws it... I've no idea how he's come to acquire the card as I doubted it was his.... he is a rather more tanned than I'd suspect someone with a German/Dutch surname to be... Jumped on facebook and there is a bloke with a matching name as the card, but does not look at all like my neighbour - I can't message him however as I don't have a FB account myself... I phoned up the bank and told them all the details of the name/account etc, so the guy said to destroy it and they'll send a new one to the owner, it just makes me wonder if this guy is a grade A &#33;Removed&#33;, or just some lesser &#33;Removed&#33; who found it on the road during his walk back from the shop... either way, I dislike him! Wait, we can't say scr0te anymore?!?!?! It's like a technical term around here for a good proportion of the population.... you can't ban that word! On a related note, it was very strange to be overly thanked by the bank phone operator... It was 8:20 am, I'm not used to niceties that early in the morning... left me wondering if I am a minority, having phoned up to report it.... I guess I could have dropped it into the cop shop, but is this not common?!?
  14. Don't go with admiral full stop! their recommended garages suck rear end! messed up my car and told me I was lying....
  15. Hahaha sorry Ghana, but that is so funny (you falling in a river!) - obviously glad you're ok, and I'm very sorry that your fruit was lost in action also, but damn that's funny! On the topic of bad dreams, I still get a few about uni - my course was actually fairly intense compared to some - I think we were about 35 hours a week in lectures... all the lecturers were strict and it was all in all, not a relaxed form of education... My dreams vary from lecturers asking us to hand in big essays as we leave the room, naturally it's an essay I had no idea was due. Or them announcing we're having a big test - again something I didn't revise for... haha... sigh..