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  1. Hahah, my cousin is also a pilot out in Dubai, he flys for a commercial airline out there...  They're the sort of people you'd think might know, but as you said, they're more interested in intact aircraft...
  2. ummm, Sort of but also not.... I'd like to use the wing as the surface, the underneath will be infilled, and as for bending it..... might struggle with that   Of course, alternative is to buy some aluminium sheets and make the frame out of wood and bend and screw the aluminium onto it..
  3. Appreciate that guys, I've done the usual web searches, but actually knowing someone who knows someone is always better.
  4. Would appreciate it Ian :)   Thank you
  5. Haha... birdman outfit......not really, it's for a desk and for a side surface... potentially... Well... One room which I could fill is about 4m long, however the only issue with this (regarding aircraft parts) is the longer they are the deeper they become... therefore as a surface I might find that half the room is gone at one end.. The other is a gap of about 2m max.  
  6. Hey guys, Quite random, but then we're all from many different walks of life, so I might as well try and ask... I am after a plane wing (or horizontal stabiliser) as a project and I'm wondering if anyone: Has one? Knows someone who has one? Knows someone who knows someone who has one? etc..... As I said, quite random and I am doing a lot of looking about everywhere and with my own means, but asking here can't hurt...Perhaps someone knows a person that works at a plane breakers or something?!?!?   Thanks in advance! 
  7. Things I Do Like

    Haha, I think certain things are ok to procrastinate about (within reason), the weather is awful, it's cold wet and windy, so perhaps not optimum shed building conditions, but I find when people procrastinate about things that are hindered ONLY by sheer laziness, it grinds my gears - especially when I am currently having a holier than thou moment!
  8. Things I Do Like

    I like that sort of moment in life where instead of procrastinating or mulling something over, you just get off your rear end and do it. I actually cannot stand me and other people when we're in that "oh can someone else do it. moanmoanmoan" mood.
  9. Things I Don't Like

    I happy for people to leap into changing rooms or toilets when the clock strikes home time and change into a fully pierced, mad man rocker, but I feel that we have come to accept a certain tidy image tends to equal a tidy mind and tidy work process - of course it's not 100% true, but someone who looks like they give a **** might just ACTUALLY give a ****. Again, can't tar everyone with the same brush, there are well dressed delinquents, and scruffy geniuses and the council have some very helpful very good workers (in Plymouth), just sadly it tends to be those that aren't in any particular position to actually do anything!
  10. Things I Don't Like

    No offence Phil, but looking at some of the local clowns I have to deal with, I can only say I'm glad they're earning under 30k! Any more would be an outrage. Slobs walking round offices with untucked shirts, top buttons undone (with ties) and trainers, I mean for crying out loud, shirt, trousers and shoes are not a big ask, it makes you look like you're there to work and gives me confidence that you're going to do some work!
  11. Things I Don't Like

    Neck aches :'(
  12. Things I Do Like

    ... Because they are... You can smoke and drink all you like, but don't be naive in thinking that it's government scaremongering...
  13. Things I Do Like

    I know my donuts!
  14. Things I Don't Like

    Oh dear lord don't get me started in their opening and closing times!!!! 8:30-5:30??? Ummm, so why was it when I phoned yesterday afternoon at 4:40 I was told half the office had already gone... -_- Oh and then if you phone at 8:30 they're too busy to answer the phone, 10-11 they're on morning breaks, 12-2:30 it's lunch, 3-4 it's afternoon breaks... All other times its 'meetings'.... Bunch of ****
  15. Things I Don't Like

    Don't resign, everyone makes mistakes and it's how you learn from them that counts!