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  1. Oh yeah, hahaha, detailing and valeter professional that has never had a pro valet.... Doesn't look good for business :p
  2. Yeah it's very annoying, but my question was to gingerflame...
  3. Aren't you a mobile valeter?
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Maybe I have a speech impediment as I tend to speak and think and speak clearly, sometimes this is slow, but I can talk quickly... But what irritates the pish out of me is when someone asks me a question which I'd be happy not to waste my breath answering then not give me the decency to listen. This time I KNOW I was speaking quickly and bearing in mind it required about a 15-20 word answer I figured it was Damn rude... So perhaps ignorant people who do that AND people that ask questions for the sake of asking questions when they clearly don't give a **** about it... I was in a good mood until that point!
  5. Things I Do Like

    I know of a couple good stories regarding muggers ending up on the wrong end of things. I also know of an old man who used to walk round with a walking stick which was actually a sword stick... Whilst illegal, his argument was "better in front of a judge than dead" apparently he flashed it to one would be trouble maker who immediately backed off...
  6. Things I Do Like

    I guess it's the ****s that beat the living daylights out of some poor old bloke for a tenner....
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Hahaha, Yeh, I remember someone gave Pret something like 6 yolks in one go, naturally she ate them all... And understandably barfed everywhere and looked very sorry for herself... I've been less inclined to try yolks again...
  8. Things I Do Like

    To be fair working isn't a bad idea, I hear outrageous values batted about when it comes to council menial tasks such as flower planting - gardening etc... I heard (rightly or wrongly) that to seed a roundabout with wild flowers it cost nearly £18,000 I mean... Seed for crying out loud! Find a dryish day, drag the crooks out of clink and have them wondering around chucking seeds at each other... They get the fresh air, they get the see the fruits of their labour (to some degree) and its a public service which people may actually thank them for... Scrubbing graffiti, picking up roadside litter... All stuff that people would appreciate... As for the homeless girl who turned to drink n drugs... There is an element of choice there.. I don't suggest homeless shelters are wonderful places, but that is an option.. There is always something - becoming an alky or a crack head just because you can't cope is a poor excuse and I don't feel why I should deal with 'my car window' being smashed because prat made some bad choices in their life... ...not that it's ever happened to me..
  9. Things I Don't Like

    As you can see the protein is mostly in the white, therefore the yolk doesn't carry all that much usefulness to me, so I tend to cut them out a bit. But then remember I tend to eat around (or at least) 3-4 eggs a day... So if eaten whole, it amounts to fair but each week...
  10. Things I Do Like

    Yup, totally ridiculous, don't get me wrong, I'm sure a lot of these burglars and general crims have had troubles in their life, however everyone has had a moment of relative breakdown in their lives and there are many really good people who have started out life badly... So it makes me want to vomit when suddenly the burglar is the REAL victim in the crime: "He wouldn't have done it, if it wasn't for that family having nice things!!!, he saw those nice things and felt so sad that he didn't have them, that he broke in and took them, so you see yer honour, it was really the families fault!"
  11. Things I Don't Like

    But you'd like to smell my farts in the afternoon? Frying pan is about 10-12" at a guess... I go through tons of eggs... Tend to have more whites than yolks... I've heard mixed things but a few people have said there is more fat in the yolks than the whites, so tends to be something like half yolks removed..
  12. Things I Do Like

    If only the judiciary was as effective as most of our police officers, i had a mate in the MPS who would go beyond the call to arrest pondlife, only to see social workers mitigate & out the of touch judicial system hand down a slap on the wrist instead of capital punishment . . . ...sort of why I enjoy the concept of Judge Dredd so much...
  13. Things I Don't Like

    In fact, 'truck' it, id have rather just stayed at home and made myself and omelette with onions, peppers etc, instead of messing about and leaving hungrier than I was when I turned up! I must have burned more calories just sitting there...
  14. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like going out for a meal, getting Richarded around by the waiter then coming home and requiring an 8 egg omelette in order not to starve to death during the night...
  15. Totally agree with you Clive, I do like having the car clean, but I'm not someone that does it week to week... Or even month to month (thinking about it)... Do you use anywhere good for a valet? Or is it a cop shop special?