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  1. Um, In Ireland isn't an alcoholic just called "Irish"...
  2. haha, thanks Lenny and Ghana. She's adorable really, loves people, little bit unsure of dogs at the moment, but had a good play with a collie puppy the other day, enjoyed winding up an older spaniel and in a puppy class on Sunday she was good at making friends (sarcasm), her and a staffie puppy started off playing then when the staffie was getting the better of her she turned nasty and the two had to be separated to calm down - fine with the other dogs - I guess two terriers each flexing their muscles. She's got a great character, but is a bit of a bossy little sod - so we'll see where that goes. Pret is coping, doesn't like the early morning wake ups from puppy demanding play time... so there has been a load of growls, couple air snaps, but thats about it.... they share beds - didn't particularly encourage it - just woke up one morning and found them like that... not sure what happens when she grows up, a couple elephants in a bed... They played a bit of tug of war earlier...both crashed out now..
  3. New addition to the family, may I present Twiglet.... Another female Scottish Terrier.... Pret is dealing with her quite well tbf.. :)
  4. Ghana will post in the i do like section re: "the dogs"
  5. Haha Wes, just a slightly dodgy builder that's all.....either that or wood from a banana tree!
  6. I don't like it when people can't follow simple requests..... I personally don't think I ask too much of people, maybe I do... but bagging up dog crap and bringing it INTO the house instead of shoving it in a bin outside is one example... Letting the dogs out at least once in the two hours I'm out is another... cleaning up if the pup has an accident can be another... Maybe the requests are too large, but seeing as dog crap at this stage is small enough to pick up with a bit of bog roll and flush down the toilet which is about 10 steps away I didn't think it was.... oh well, C'est la Vie....
  7. Oh really ? I used to use tapatalk or whatever it's called.... my my my, I'm not up to date with the times... On the plus side, I barked at vodafone earlier today and they've cut my mobile bills in half and added an extra gb in data.... so I guess I like that!
  8. Hahah, well I did have a Sony xperia z3 on contract (2 year contract that runs out Feb I think), but fkd that up when I got airborne going down some stairs... then bought a second hand z1, which was fine but then that developed a crack on the touch screen sensory part (no idea how), then bought a crappy tescos £15 smartphone, which drove me to a point of insanity, so then 'splashed out' and bought some 'cheap' motorola smart phone, I think it was £40.... that's keeping me going for the moment... it's a decent phone but the memory is shocking...
  9. Haha cheers Ghana. I broke my phone...or another one of my phones... I think I'm on my 4th this year? and this one also has rubbish memory, so I have no FOC app... and I've been so busy that sitting down on my laptop to chill is quite rare.... But of course I've got plenty of time to spare at the moment... I'm doing paperwork for the VAT return...due in 1 day and 1 hour.... *D'oh* #procrastination!
  10. righty rooty tootie fruity..... I like coming here to say howdie to everyone, what have I missed... everyone well alright?
  11. Jamie, exactly as Clive said, Omeprazole. I believe the last time I saw the witch doctor he mentioned something about them being available over the counter now (so not even sure if you need a prescription). I had a problem a few years back with an acid reflux feeling, I tried all the usual anti acid tablets and they were rubbish, popped the Omeprazole, (said Om-ep-ra-zol) and took them for a month probably, and that was that.... I actually ran out for a little while and my symptoms didn't return... about a month ago I had a nagging sore throat and they thought that could be a link to acid again, so went on them again for a month and all seems alright... (I think...). I'll probably head down the pharmacy and see if I can grab some more as they are always handy to have knocking about just incase...
  12. Hahaha ^^^ Trump vs Clinton.... Honestly this has got to be the biggest mud slinging election ride in the US for a long time. I don't actually know whats scarier though... I mean Trump should never have got anywhere near the 'Presidential candidacy', but the fact he's doing as well as he is doing is quite scary as it's surely a testament to how awful Clinton is.. Also the double standards are ridiculous... Trump is an outspoken a-hole of course, but hearing the people how the Clinton supporters bash Trump about his talking about women is incredible considering the things Clinton said about the women and her hubby.... Most favourite dig at Trump though:
  13. Tbf that corsa stuck in the barn is actually quite impressive.... Who knows, could have been a Ford driver removing a corsa from the roads...
  14. .....So really... Vauxhall messed up and stuck a vauxhall badge on a Renault Trafic.... then this guy comes along, debadges the incorrectly badged renault and rebadges it with another incorrect badge... Funny thing is, it has "renault" stamped on the panels!
  15. See the wipers thing annoys me to some extent, but unless it's some bell ringer trying to rip one off, the simple action of lifting a wiper normally won't do the car any harm - again I know that is not really the point, you're touching someone else belongings which is the issue. I wouldn't have too much of an issue if I found my wiper up, obviously I'd do a look around and see if anything is messed up... I did however have some complete **** stick a chicken bone under my wiper once.... again I guess that would do no harm, but I could have killed that person! But standing on a car roof >.< scratches from stones on shoes... dents... scuffs...