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  1. Things I Don't Like

    Ye shanks aren't hairy enoof fir the heylands?
  2. Things I Do Like

    Great if you have a spare 10k knocking about.... I'd rather double it and buy a 65 plate ST estate...
  3. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like public toilets where you have to pay, I'm not experiencing the inconvenience of this 'convenience' however whilst nipping into a free one it did cross my mind that if I was busting for a s**t the last thing I'd appreciate is having to fumble through my wallet to find out I didn't have the necessary 58 and 4 9ths of a penny in order to proceed. I think I'd probably drop trou right there and face the courts......
  4. Things I Don't Like

    It's one of those subjects that is difficult to discuss without sounding like a knob... To me, to pin the entire thing on a person or police is somewhat wrong... For instance there was that crash last year where a car left the road in Scotland, driver died, women was in the car for several days, eventually she died... It's tragic and there were police failings - or call handler failings... however no one seemed to want to question the cause of the accident in the first place... Yes police (I use that as a general term to incorporate call centre etc) didn't hold up their end of the deal, however had the driver not crashed in the first place nothing would have happened... A bit of a combination if you ask me... Hillsborough, ok, maybe police let too many in...but fans surely have a duty to not behave like animals, they appear to have done very little to help the situation... I dunno, as I said, I probably don't know enough about it to really be allowed to have an opinion, but I just get concerned about the money spent on finding a guy to blame for what appears to be a culmination of events leading to a tragic accident....
  5. In actual fact, I think (99% sure) you've got both bits wrong - in a good way... If you're a named driver you have just as much 'right' to drive the car as the policy holder, and you can also be the policy holder on a car that is owned by someone else (or if they are the registered keeper)... So, your new car can still be registered in your name... and you can be a named driver on your wifes policy for her car and still drive it as if it's your own.... Main thing is to have two policies, 1 in your name and 1 in wifeys name as you can only use NCB on one policy (if you have 2 policies in your name). On that last point though, if you can prove NCB on another policy most insurers will offer you some sort of unnoficial 'NCB' discount...
  6. Things I Don't Like

    Perhaps someone can inform me, or maybe tell me to go inform myself... But is anyone else tired of hearing about Hillsborough Hillsborough Hillsborough? Please don't think I don't care about the victims nor victims families - and perhaps not being a Liverpudlian, nor a football fan, nor aware of the worlds goings on back then, I perhaps have missed the point altogether. Does anyone know any victims or victims families etc? Is this like the whole MH370 missing plane thing to them? From where I stand in my ill informed position, seems to be the police let too many people into the stadium, then those too many people - (trying not to be unkind here), were just ill behaved and pushed to get in..... Everyone seems to be pointing fingers at the police, but like the London underground, or indeed any other tube station (I've been in a few round the world) - if s**t is full... it's full... pushing won't help... I don't know, you'd be right if you stated I wouldn't dare say that to the families.... I'm not one for trying to add to folks pain.. and I am more caring than this post probably lets on... it's just this whole court case side of things - who really won? Is everyone happy?
  7. Things I Do Like

    Hmm that's true Jamie. I was so infuriated with the garage on mine. The initial damage from the truck was actually only superficial, cracked numberplate, bit of paint and a dented bonnet... Came back from the garage with lacquer peel on the rear bumper,... they claimed not to have touched the rear bumper... a claim I disputed as the car went in dirty and came out clean.... Needless to say, it was all assumed that it was nothing to do with the garage and I was left with the problem to deal with. Told Admiral they screwed me over, was told by the guy on the phone that it's an 'old car anyway'... (late 2007, yes it's not new, but it's got some life in it yet!). Not with Admiral anymore. They were brilliant in the whole insurance side of things, such as taking my cash and providing cover... however when it came to needing them, it left a bitter taste. However, I can only assume this is more or less the same with most if not all insurance companies of all varieties...
  8. Things I Do Like

    Just don't have an accident (or have a truck hit you!) Admiral have **** garages they recommend that cause more harm than good!
  9. Things I Don't Like

    Might need to ween off haha..
  10. Things I Do Like

    Wonder if that ridgeline company has spun off into paving, or whether this poor unfortunate has picked up their number instead? Also, I noticed in the video it said their company has been established for 15 years..... oops..
  11. Things I Don't Like

    Try cutting out booze for a while. You probably won't think it, or agree, but you sleep better when you haven't had any alcohol. You probably need a decent sleep.... Been there, Done that...
  12. Things I Do Like

    That is the exact reason I can never understand why people drive like morons in sign written vehicles, there is no escaping. Bad parking, speeding, undertaking etc etc. The one bunch who are the worst at the speeding and undertaking offences are this company called 'Police'... Seen them run reds, speed, even have the audacity to make people stop and tell them off! Outrageous. :p
  13. Fault, any ideas?

    Update, at the moment the EGR is blanked, but also unpluggedas the EGR valve appears to be cream crackered... so pending a few more pennies and the exchanging of said pennies for a working valve it's going to remain that way. An engine light came on straight away after I unplugged it, so I'm assuming thats what its all about, I've not plugged in and checked yet though. Took the car for a bit of a run, acceleration is better, smoother, mpg has improved (it won't sound like much) but on a very twisty cornish A road, lots of ups and downs and turns - great drive, I was avg about 50-52mpg...speed was averaging a bit higher than that... Also one thing I'd noticed in the past was that when I reached a hill and was accelerating up it as quick as the card could go, it had this pulsating sort of feeling, like a boost of turbo then a drop, then a boost, then a drop etc. Nothing sharp or juddery, but nothing smooth. That has;as far as I'm aware, gone! Seems to be all smooth! hooray! So, not out of the woods just yet, but things are looking better...
  14. Things I Don't Like

    I don't like the breakfast meatball driving a hairdressers car that felt brave enough to cut me off but not brave enough to stick around. He did everything he could (I assume was slightly surprised when I decided to keep up with him)....such as diving in the wrong lanes at traffic lights to try and get away... he even turned off a road and did a U turn.... evidently not brave enough to hear what I had to say to him.
  15. Things I Don't Like

    If I'm honest, hygiene is really important as there are people with poor immune systems, however I am someone that tends to just get on with stuff... My wife is someone that ponders massively about hygiene when we go camping, whereas I'll use a stick to move around a couple sausages haha... Although tbf, I'm normally the one that normally ends up panicking around trying to find a bush to hide behind on a barren landscape to well...uh.... do my business... so maybe there is a connection there