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  1. Bloody Women....

    Oh guys I think you know everything there is to know about us women!! You really should read these posts to your wives(only if they've got a sense of humour!!) I only came across this site as I was sat in the car for a whole hour looking for help on the Internet about taking my radio out..not once did my other half come looking for me!!maybe he was enjoying the peace and quiet?glad I found this site though as it makes me smile reading your stories :-)
  2. Bloody Women....

    Fair comments guys,please post more stories about your nagging women- it made my day x
  3. Bloody Women....

    I find it funny because it's true ha,ha!! You men love moaning about women drivers..but some of us can drive just as good as you ;-)
  4. Bloody Women....

    I am a woman and am finding this highly amusing!! :-)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Bex78 :)