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  1. I have a Titanium with 16 inch wheels and i have bought a spare wheel kit off ebay that is 14 inch.It is the official spare wheel that ford supplies as an optional extra,and the spare fits perfectly in the wheel recess in boot. My understanding is they have the same circumferance as 16's are low profile (195/45/16) and the 14 (175/65/14) is not.If i have to use the spare it will only be for a short period until i get 16 replaced.Hope this helps.
  2. It sounds like air is getting into the brake system although you say the dealer has bled the brakes. There is no way i would be driving that vehicle in the condition you describe.
  3. Car has now stopped creaking so have cancelled dealer appointment.After doing a search it seems other makes of cars also have noisy suspension when it rains.Like my car again at least in the dry :D
  4. Hi All I have had my 2011 fiesta 1.6TDCI Titanium for 3 weeks now,I bought it from a dealer nearly new with 1000 miles on clock. When i test drove the car i made sure i took it over speed humps to test the suspension and all was fine. How ever over the last couple of days the car now sounds terrible when going over these speed humps,it's worse than my wifes 2002 corsa. I don't go fast over them and the only thing thats changed since the day i got it is it's rained for the first time since owning car. Any ideas car booked in with dealer to check it out on wednesday.
  5. Does anyone know of any useful software,hopefully free, to read fault codes etc
  6. Cheers
  7. Forgive me if this has been covered before,tried a search and could not find anything. Does anyone know the location of th OBD11 connector. Thanks
  8. P.S thanks to all that replied,first time i've ever used a forum quality info cheers
  9. Cheers iNath that seems to have done the job Thanks
  10. Hi Newbee here,i have a Fiesta 1.6TDCI Titanium on a 61 plate. I have a question regarding my navigon sat nav app on iphone4. When i want to navigate anywhere at the moment i have to turn off bluetooth as i can't hear the voice commands. Does anybody know how to use the satnav and be able to accept calls through bluetooth. Thanks
  11. Just bought one on ebay with jack and wheel brace for £60.My son had a puncture on his honda and the repair kit did not work.Had to get one for peace of mind.
  12. Just bought a 1.6 TDCI Fiesta in panther black,nearly new 1072 miles on clock.Nice car to drive better than my previous car a Toyota Auris.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums stevestr :)