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  1. Do I Need New Shocks/springs

    thanks for the advice. should i just change the shocks or the springs as well?
  2. Do I Need New Shocks/springs

    hi all, i've had my 06' focus tdci for a few months now and have noticed that the ride quality is a bit harsh on uneven roads. i have replaced the tyres as they were on the limit and things have improved a bit. the car has done 132k and has a full service history. it often crashes over bumps and potholes i'd expect it to take in its stride. the front end sometimes wallows up and down a little bit. i've read that the focus has a harsher ride than most similar cars, but mine seems a bit too harsh. my question is, do i need new shocks and/or springs? or is there something else i should get checked? cheers
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums lammadrama :)