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  1. Ford Focus Flip Key Cace

    Hi does the ford focus 2010 flip key cace is the same as ford focus 2012? my is broken the palstic so i wont to replace it . thanks ofer
  2. hi two days ago i get my new ford focus 2012; at the delivery day the Power Steering Flush was above the min / today i checked all the oil and i see that the Power Steering Flush is under the min ' i call the service on my state and it say it normal . what do you think about it. and what tipe of oil i have to buy ( inj my car is blue Flush ) thanks dofer
  3. hii all where can i download the ford focus trend sport 1.6 ti vct 125sp owner service guide, to learn more about my new car that camming next week . at my country the dont add the original manual to the car only translates Version . that is poor and same as the original . yours ofer
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums dofer123 :)