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  1. I did search earlier also but didn't find it then. So no flaps. Is there still something in intake manifold that could do sound like that or is it maybe lifter then?
  2. I do not know if mk3 has the same behavior but with mk2 when you wash the screen and keep pressing water pump button many times (like typing in morse code), then wipers behavior comes erratic. They keep wiping much longer than they should and then on the return stroke stay up on the window. When the after wipe timer runs out then the wipers return to normal position. Just pressing the button once and keeping it pressed does not result this kind of behaviour. Maybe MK3 has this same problem? Edit: Oh, you are talking about wipers literally getting stuck to the screen? I am using bosch wipers for my screen and never had those problems.
  3. I am talking about loud regular clonk. sales help told me that manifold is with flaps. but they are not on the pictures Some info about flaps:
  4. Hello, I have ticking sound coming from my engine. I have listened and it is not vct system that is located on the left. Sound is coming from the right side. I do not have proper tools but listened using screwdriver. Injectors sound normal to me and when I listen to the utmost right intake tube, there is the sound most dominant. Second from the right has the sound also but not as loud. However puting the screwdriver agains the head itself produces the same sound as intake tube. Sometimes the sound is audible more and some times less. Sometimes it is silent. I have read that intake manifold have flaps that will wear out and my understanding is that this is the exact sound that it makes in that case. However when looking pictures at ebay I do not see flaps on this version of intake manifold. Are they located more inside of manifold or is this new design that does not have flaps at all? Part number on the car is 4M5G-9424-CC I know that the latest version that will fit my car is 4M5G-9424-CG Do anybody know what was updated and am I on the right track when suspecting intake manifold? I do not experience any loss of power nor do I have any ill behavior from the car except this ticking sound. No error codes are present. I recorded the ticking sound also. Is it the manifold or maybe valve lifter?
  5. Why would you turn it off when it's snowing? I have never switched it off during winter.
  6. Will the wind deflectors solve the irritating problem when driving with rain? Wind will push water droplets from side mirrors to front side window and it will get dirty really fast.
  7. It is a bit bat tbh. I have 2006 1,6ti-vct estate and I am getting about 30-32(8,8..9,2 l/100km) and this is with -12;-5 C and studded winter tires and i do mostly short trips. -Maybe you or previous owners have used aftermarket air filter that needed to be oiled? In that case the Mass Airflow Sensor might be covered with oil/dirt which could influence your MPG. You might need to clean this. Mine was pretty dirty even without ever using aftermarket air filters. However look around how to clean MAF sensor because you could easily ruin it if done improperly. -Other thing that might influence this is PCV valve. it is relatively inexpensive part but will help keep your inlet manifold cleaner. -Maybe you should crunch the numbers by your self. Just get full tank of gas, check the mileage until you fill up again. Maybe results shown by you'r car are not accurate?
  8. Scroll down, there are both versions available. Oval and square. Key words are intel cpu and 2gb memory. Hardware is pretty much the same no matter the brand.
  9. I would not go for that. I am on the look out for Chinese 2din android unit also. This Quad-Core Cortex A9 RK3188 1.6GHz with android 5.1 usually has Bluetooth working so that only one speaker will be used and this 5.1 android version has other problems also (older 4.x android versions worked bit better). China has new version of similar head units out now. Key words to look out are Intel SoFIA CPU-s, and 2 gb memory. According to comments in xda forums is a big step up from this version. Most of the Chinese head units are the same even tho they are sold under different brand names. Here is one example of the never version head units that should fit.
  10. There is also a possibility to get android head unit that has ford fascia. In xda forums people are talking that those new 2GB intel cpu Chinese android units are quite OK (not without their flaws). Good thing would be that something like that looks factory but you have the full android/gps hands free stuff. Switching to oval fascia is easy in case you want the updated look. Here in focus guides section is a guide from local inmate of how to switch from mk2 stereo to mk2,5 stereo. He has needed parts listed there.
  11. I have owned Continental Premium Contac5 and now bought Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance. Have not mounted Goodyears yet but at least many reviews think that their performance is similar. However "some say" ( that Goodeyar will last longer vs Conti. Just looking those new tyres- in my opinion Goodyears have more rubber on them. Thread is bit deeper vs contis imo. Everything else remains to be seen.
  12. Do the wind deflectors "cure" the annoying problem of water flying from mirror to side window and making side window dirty when raining?
  13. I believe that diesels have often aux heater installed from factory. I haven't heard that you could order this for petrols. This is the one I'm talking about:
  14. Yeah, I did forget that they have ford part numbers shown there so some one is able to help here too. I have been helped by their sales department many times and they are really handy and helpful. Plus you do not have to wait when some one replys here but you get the help in real time. However they do not have all parts listed and and they have put up new listings that are matched via VIN code just for me.
  15. They have online help. Contact sales department and they will check the correct part via reg number or VIN. All you get from here is guesses.