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  1. Happy Birthday Maverick203!

  2. Thank you for taking time to write this has helped me hugely and probably saved me breaking my bumper whilst trying to remove it. Will be removing mine tomorrow and spraying it. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks all, I'm pleased, only had her two months just re-building bank balance before I start playing.
  4. hi can i ask are you buying a new bonnet lip or re covering your existing only ask because im looking at recovering mine more work but saves ££s

    1. TDCiST


      I painted mine, then got bored of it... then covered it! so its been off my car twice now...

  5. i had my new focus since december '13 and have heard the 'grinding' noise twice once when i pulled out of a parking bay and again when i pulled off my drive on morning both times from cold start. i can only describe the noise as the sound you get when curbing alloys. It definately comes from passenger side. this thread has sort of put my mind at ease
  6. Hi all i'm a newish member i joined last year for some advice on my 1.8 TDci focus. have now got rid of it and had a 2.0 Zetec S TDci just thought id show it off a bit hoping to take it to a few shows this year once ive completed a few engine modifications/upgrades.
  7. From the album MY FORDS

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  10. From the album MY FORDS

  11. will be there me and a friend coming with my lad in his ST can't seem to book tickets through site tho gonna ring them tommorow morn
  12. From the album MY FORDS

  13. From the album MY FORDS

  14. Welcome to the Ford forums Maverick203 :)