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  1. Time for all local Ford Freaks to head to the 8 Ball. The best Diner in Essex – the home of UK Fords Start: 26/04/2012 7:00 pm End: 26/04/2012 11:00 pm Address: The 8 Ball Diner – London Road – A12 Northbound – Witham – Essex – CM8 3HB. Telephone: 01376 573403 United Kingdom‘blue-oval’-night-–-thursday-29th-march/
  2. Need any help finding the Generic Electronic module and the keyless vehicle module any ideas were they can be I've checked above the fuse box and behind the left side boot panel cannot see no modules ?
  3. Also checked the earth above interia light that seems ok and also the sensor wire wile I had the light off running out off ideas now
  4. False alarm lol took battery off for 15 - 20 mins put it back on and no more engine fault, few that was a close one :)
  5. Ok wile on a mission to try and fix my central locking I was checking all the plugs and fuses I started with a big brown plug that sits unders the interia fuse box pulled that out all looked well poped it back in wrong and started getting all sorts of problems limited acceleration limited epb ESP all sorts so when back to the fuse box saw I put that big brown block in wrong put it back in correctly bit now I'm getting engine fault up with the red light any suggestions
  6. Fixing me remote fob

  7. Fixing me remote fob

  8. cant see nothing wrong with the wires also I changed my battery today and still remote not locking but does unlock, also I programmed my key to me mates focus and my key worked fine locked n unlocked, resynced my key back to my car and still not locking only unlocking, but after locking my car with the key I can push the lock button and it relocks it self but as soon as I unlock it it won't lock. Also discovered today that on the rear passenger door on the edge of the door u have a little white switch that stops the door from being opened from the inside well that has fell out where ever it normally sits as its loose, not sure if this could cause any problems either ??.
  9. I've recently added a gel pad that sits inbetween windscreen and sensor and has fixed the problem
  10. I know, can't be leave my luck he said he think he got gel pad in his van I can have and here call me back, when he called said he had one but it was on a sensor and generally the gel pad rips when u try take them off so said I can have both, tryed offering him some money but said it was ok :)
  11. Update; believe this is being caused from the wire under driver chair that connect to the seatbelt restraint if I wiggle it and push the clip it goes off after turning ignition on and off,.
  12. Good news me rain sensor is now fixed, had a result wile trying to find some adhesive to stick the bracket on I called a windscreen fitter to see if they sold it, they asked me if I had the gel pad fitted on the sensor and I never so met up with him and he gave me a new sensor with the gel pad already attached to it for free, nice to know there some nice people at there still and now my sensor is working 100% so Ross check u have the gel pad fitted to ur sensor mate
  13. Thanks for the reply will test it out this weekend and will update if getting the sensor closer to the windscreen works, might be same thing wrong with urs ross will update anyways
  14. Ok I been playing around with me sensor and well I've took the sensor off and waved me finger in front of the sensor and surprise surprise it works then I thought I'd try summin eles, I've put a tiny bit of blue tac on two corners and stuck the sensor straight on the windscreen and got a water bottle and misted over the sensor and it worked flawlessly with the smallest bit of water, so know I'm guessing I'll have to try get the bracket off and reglue it back on some how with out smashing the windscreen lol hope this helped
  15. Also I keep reading over forums and alot of them go on about adhesive to stick the sensor on mine just clip on to the bracket already stuck on the windscreen ???