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  1. Hi everyone, In desperate need of some help from you guys. My fiesta is running very poorly at the moment, it wont idle by itself no matter if its hot or cold. When driving along it will judder really badly at about 3k revs, change gear and it will be fine again until 3k is reched in the next gear and so on. Every time i depress the clutch at junctions etc it will stall. All this means that its only doing about 45 miles per £10 of fuel Its a 1997 P Reg 1.25 Zetec Si Ive changed the idle control valve, but no difference, checked the airflow meter, but still runs the same and now i am stumped as to what to do?!?! I dont really have the money to spend on it, however i do need it to run to get to work etc, so its got to get sorted. Any ideas from anyone? thanks in advance, Dan