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  1. Dear old Ford This is a simple design fault. The countryside is littered with Fusion window trims that have flown off. The replacements are unchanged and weak. The cost of replacement is about £35 the cost of manufacture about 10p. I'll look to replace my Fusion after 8-9 years good use but the cost of spare parts is the sort of issue that will make me buy from other manufacturers who don't shaft their customers.
  2. This is a well known software problem, the symptoms are always the same only happens usually when extremely cold. I sought the same advice from this Forum and was guided to take it back to Ford for an update. It provides a 100% solution that has lasted more than 2 years now. It costs but it works.
  3. This appears to be a known problem requiring a PCM software update. I have battled with this for 2-3 years before taking it to Ford. Of course this is now a mild winter and the temperature must fall before I can test the outcome. However if you look back to 2009 someone reported on this issue and recommended the same out solution. I believe I have cracked it with this solution. The cost at a central London garage was £70-80 but cheaper than calling the break down boys.
  4. In an earlier posting the question was raised how best to remove the bumper. The advice/link is no longer liver. Does anyone know the best route? Thanks Bulkedward
  5. I have a 2004 Fusion, the Quick Clear only works on one half of the screen. Is there an obvious place to go look for a loose connection? Thanks Bulkedward
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums bulkedward :)