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  1. Just Got My First Focus

    Ive changed my Fiesta Zetec for this Focus Zetec S Just Given it a bit of a Detail! The Badges Off Loving the car at the mo. Ordered the car in white at first but changed my mind when i saw one in Red and surprised myself as i don't normally like Red Cars. Hope you guys like it as much as i do!
  2. Bluetooth Question

    what i would like to do is run the sat nav on the phone through the cars speakers using bluetooth connection, when the phone rings i can except the call, then automatically back to satnav after the call. Would i also be able to have music playing simultaneously with the phones sat nav through bluetooth. The phone i was hoping to get is the galaxy sii. Is it possible.
  3. Bluetooth Question

    It Fiesta will indeed have the bluetooth, voice and usb pack, so where will it work and what phone would be best.
  4. Bluetooth Question

    I've used the search, but still can't work it out, so here's my question. I will be purchasing the mk7 Fiesta Zetec with bluetooth as standard. I also plan to buy a new smartphone, maybe a Galaxy sii or an iphone. I would like the phone to handle all my songs, calls and SatNav with the sound for each coming through the bluetooth on the stereo. Iss this possible? What do you recommend? Thanks for any help Mjw
  5. Hi To All

    Just a quick hello, I'm getting a new fiesta in the next few weeks and have loads of questions so thanks for any help. Thanks Mjw
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums MJW1999 :)