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  1. Tyre Pressure

    No mate no sticker goona buy the handbook frem fleabay
  2. Tyre Pressure

    Hi all Anyone know what the correct tyre pressure should be for fiesta 1999 with Silverstone 155/70r13 tyres. Front and back pressure please Thank you
  3. Dashboard Lights

    Hi all My daughter bought a fiesta finese 1999 yesterday but the back illumination on the dash is not working nor is the speedo. The indicator lights are working as is the handbrake light and petrol guage and temp gauge but no back light or speedo. Any ideas anyone? Could it be the fuse and if so where are they located as she did not get a handbook with the car. Fiesta finese 1999
  4. Hello

    Hi all Just joined as my daughter has just bought a lovely little ford fiesta finese after passing her driving test yesterday and I am guessing she will soon have loads of questions for everyone lol. Site looks superb by the way
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums pyramid42 :)