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  1. Hey guys I'm trying to figure out how to convert my manual mirrors to electric any help ? Thanks Matthew
  2. thinking of lowering my car would it change how it would handle for the better or worse
  3. thanks guys how much would you say i garage would charge to do this and how long would it take thanks :D
  4. hey guys im looking at swaping the springs on my car would these go on ok ? and would i have to change my shocks aswell ?;sub_category=;manufacturer=apex;manufacturer_category=apex-lowering-springs;car=fordfiesta;product=180014
  5. hi i got a 1.25 57 plate fiesta and im wanting to make it make it a bit faster and stand out from the normal would an induction kit help ? i added a photo of my engine what other performance upgrades could i do thanks
  6. thanks for all your help
  7. when i turn the key in my car the engine start and i can drive but none of the instrument pannel works for about 30 seconds and then it all comes on and the radio starts any suggestions ?
  8. hi i got a fiesta with steel wheels :( and my dad is selling his mk1 ford focus soon i was wondering would the wheels fit the focus has 195/60 r 15 and my fiesta has 195/50 r 15 please help !!!! my dad is getting rid of the focus tomorrow and he told me i had to look it up on here thank you :)
  9. thanks for the advice i decided im going to sell these alloys and buy some new ford ones would the old steal wheel nuts be ok to use if i bought fiesta alloys ?
  10. hi i am wanting to replace my old steel wheels i got a set of alloys of my 206 but the studs of my fiesta are to short do you know how i can remove the studs of my car any help would be most appreciated
  11. i am wanting to buy some alloys for my ford but im worried about wheel nuts any advice about what ones i need ill be very helpful :) thanks
  12. hi i am wanting to change the lighting in my interior the dashboard and speedo and need any help or advice on doing this thanks
  13. found a set of alloys on piston head but need advice would they fit my car or not ? the link is below i got a mk 6 fiesta
  14. hi im looking for a set of alloys for a fiesta mk 6 if you have an for sale in Wales or west of England please message back thanks
  15. thanks mate