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  1. Mondeo Cd 6000 Removal

    Stoney - thanks a million. It worked and I got the serial no. Downloaded an Iphone app for 69p and got the radio code in seconds.
  2. High Mileage Ghia?

    How would you know if the clutch/flywheel was on its way out? I've got a lazy starter motor on mine and am getting it changed, but have taken it to two mechanics. One who says the starter motor fault is caused by the flywheel, another who says not. What would be the giveaway signs of a flywheel on its last legs?
  3. Mondeo Cd 6000 Removal

    Hi, How do I get the stereo out of my Mondeo? I had to change the battery recently so need the serial no. off the back so I can get a code generated. The model I have is like this: I can't see any slots for keys or holes for other removing tools. I'd really appreciate any help.
  4. 03 Stereo

    Hi, Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this - I've got an 03 Mondeo and had to change the battery recently, which reset the stereo, for which I don't have the code. It's the 6000 CD which looks like this. I'd appreciate any tips on how to remove it so I can get the serial no. off the back.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums wfcmoog :)