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  1. Thanks for the replies gents. I've had a look at that ebay page and will look into it. I have been told that only her boyfriend was insured on the car. Local plod are looking into it apparently. I'm now thinking of 'investing' in a dash cam. I am seeing more and more cars with them now and they are quite discreet now
  2. Hiya ladies and gents, I cannot believe an uninsured driver clipped my wing mirror the other morning. Fortunately the wing mirror remained attached to my car but the casing and mirror is smashed and lost. The indicator still works and so does the motor. Does anyone know of a good site to buy a new casing and mirror. Ford dealership quoted me £260! I think I may just get a black one and the vinyl wrap both wings. It's a grey Mk2.5. Cheers guys
  3. I like the rear LED light clusters. how much are they? Struggling to find them
  4. Thanks for the feedback re the trail lights. I'm sure I see them on your car as soon as they are available!
  5. I think they look smart Lenny. On ebay I saw LED tail/stop lights to replace the halogen ones. You done that, is it easy removing the rear light cluster?
  6. No probs. Thanks for your replies.
  7. Hiya guys. I have a Mk2.5 Focus. I noticed when other Fords like Ka, Fiesta, Mondeo etc are unlocked, the side lights and rear lights automatically come on. My Zetec model has never done it. Is it a standard feature which is broken, if so, I'll get it back to the dealer whilst still in warranty. Don't want to go moaning to the dealer if it is a feature not even on my model! Cheers
  8. I have the same problem. I couldn't work out if it was the centre column or the rear door itself. I will try the fix. When you say loosen the catch, is that on the front side or the rear?
  9. Im pleased with my 1.6 tdci. I get between 57-60mpg per tank
  10. It looks smart and 'factory fitted,' but sadly I don't trust myself playing around with the wires. Plus, will the warranty be affected?
  11. Hey folks, Stupidily I put LEDs in my side lights (Mk 2.5). approx 2 months ago. Now the the nearside light only works intermittenly. Is this a sign it is burning out or possibly just a loose connection. I know most of you have advised against LEDs for side lights. I think I will end up changing them. On a related note, why can I not find any upgrade bulbs for the tail/brake lights? Do they not do LEDs for these? Pete
  12. Just checked my 61 plate MK2.5 tdci. The holder in the footwell is there and it is wired up. Result!
  13. Hi all, I've recently bought a Mk2.5 Zetec 1.6 tdci. I'm really pleased with the car, chuffed to bits with it, however, I can not seem to get the 'home safe' lights function to work. I have looked in the manual and it gives direction to activate the function by pulling the indicator stick towards the steering wheel but it doesn't seem to work on mine. As the the manual is rather generic covering every spec from Style to RS, is it possible mine does not have the funciton? Like I said it's a Zectec spec, and it does not have automatic headlights. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums the jbib :)

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      thanks, I am making good use of this forum already and learning some pretty cool stuff about the car