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  1. dash digital read out

    i dont think its the pads cause as i was driving the car the speedo just shut down basicly it went to zero even though i was still driving at about 50mph...i was just thinking it might be something to do with the computer or engine management system.
  2. dash digital read out

    thanks for the reply, the car still has ford warranty until 0ct 2009 but now after being out in it today the engine sign has just come on and the car made a grinding noise as i pulled up outside my house, lets just hope Ford put it right cause if they dont then its going back to the garage i bought it from for them to do it, cause i aint paying.
  3. dash digital read out

    hi, i am new to this website, i have just bought at 56 plate ford fusion 1.4, i have just noticed the ABS warning light has just come on and the brake warning light came on whilst driving and the centre of the dash where the milage read out is went blank, it just showed lines on the display instead of the milage. i believe the care is still under fords 3 year warranty can any one confirm this? and will ford put this right? thanks for you help