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  1. Bluefin 100Ps Remap...

    I have it on my Titanium 100ps. I have been running it for around a year and a half - it makes a very big difference. I’m not a hard accelerating type so it’s more about the torque for me and that’s very noticeable. Hard acceleration can be a little brutal but as I said, not my reason for buying. I just wanted a more capable car, as it were. The torque pulls and pulls and when you think it should start running out it keeps going that bit more, and then a bit more still. Very handy for getting up to speed easily and quickly, easy overtakes etc, it’s also a cracking little motorway cruiser now and a genuinely quick little car. It has honestly made a huge difference. Delivery is smooth and consistent; I guess it just feels like it’s the same car with all the same traits but with an added hefty dollop of something in reserve when you want it. It’s good anyway but that extra power and torque really does put a smile on your face. When due in for a service I plug in the handset, restore the original map and put the Bluefin map back on after. Reliability has been perfect an brake and tyre wear no different. I’d say use it with the mechanical sympathy you would use in any car as you are shoving a lot more torque and power through the existing transmission etc, same with the turbo etc. Got to be honest - downsides 1. it invalidates your warranty. If this is a concern don’t do it OR take the view I did that you’ll remove/reinstalled it before/after garage visits but that’s your decision. After two services and three visits to resolve Sync and puddle light issues, nothing has been noted by the dealer. 2. Fuel consumption is a little higher but nothing to be concerned about. 3. When you remove/reinstall it messes up the clock and all stereo sound preferences. 4. The extra power/torque can still be affected by your own bad driving- ie: changing down a gear on a long steep hill during an overtake can still leave you with turbo lag and a botched overtake. Stick it in gear, toe down and it keeps pulling as hard and as reliably as you expet. 5. You can’t transfer the handset to another similar car without paying up a fee for them to unlock and transfer it, £250 I think, a shame but there you go. It’s bound to the car unless they unlock it. I have no regrets, very pleased. Hope that helps.
  2. Happy Birthday BrownMotoring!

  3. Sync Updates/firmware

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have since Tweeted Ford Services UK and got the standard 'it's being worked on' or its 'on the way' reply. The site hasn't been updated for a very long time and the whole thing feels much like a huge time wasting micky take. Now contacting local Ford dealer again to find out if they can help or want their palms crossing with cash. I'm not desperately amused but all I can suggest is keep asking Ford/Ford Service.
  4. Sync Updates/firmware

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have since Tweeted Ford Services UK and got the standard 'it's being worked on' or its 'on the way' reply. The site hasn't been updated for a very long time and the whole thing feels much like a huge time wasting micky take. Now contacting local Ford dealer again to find out if they can help or want their palms crossing with cash. I'm not desperately amused but all I can suggest is keep asking Ford/Ford Service.
  5. Sync Updates/firmware

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the latest Sync update/firmware version is? I have a 2013 Fiesta Titanium and have been having problems with music streaming via Bluetooth. It was okay until I Updated my iPhone to the latest version of iOS and now the only way I can stream music is to launch the iPad, find a track and hit play. It was all automatic before and it's annoying, so I suspect my version of Sync isn't entirely compatibility with the latest Apple iOS. Tried to contact a couple of Ford dealers but getting anywhere with them was nigh on impossible. If anyone can let me know the latest version or what you have so we can work out what is at least recent, that would be great. If anyone has any clues as to when the updates will be available via the Ford site that would be grand also. I have questioned Ford Service via Twitter and they have repeated "soon" every time and that has been going on for months. Thanks, Phil.
  6. I guess to answer my own questions - I rang up Superchips just this last hour and asked if there had been any updates for the Ecoboost/100ps (last was 17 Feb) and they said yes. Had the text and email within minutes saying to download the new map. Pretty decent service as always, looking forward to giving it a go and finding out how things compare. Not sure exactly when the latest map was released other than sometime in the last month.
  7. Thanks for the reply. What were the issues and what what's is it like now?
  8. Hi, can I ask when you downloaded the new map? I bought Bluefin a while ago and noticed problems here and there. I reported them and Superchips had a new map out to me within the day, much improved too. However, this was maybe 3 weeks ago so I'm keen to know if there has been any revisions since. Thanks in advance.
  9. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    That's a shame as it would have been spot on by the sound of it. Mines UK sourced, spec and warranty but you are sensible to check everything carefully and spot on as I had a Punto (not a great motoring experience, lol) many moons ago that was sourced from France. Pays to check so all the boxes are ticked. I've already had one small warranty repair too :-/
  10. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    Nope, new ones too. In a lot of cases they are brand new with delivery miles but Motorpoint may be the first owner. Brand new car but you could be the 2nd owner where that's the case.
  11. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    Hi, good advice from GrahamJC there also. Go to whoever offers the best deal. For me that's generally been Motorpoint. I tried hard to battle down the price with Allen Ford in Bath in the summer and they couldn't get anywhere near Motorpoint. Tried a few places as shopping around is a must but went trotting back to Motorpoint anyway. The current car (see pic) is my 6th from Motorpoint. I was actually due to have the same model but in Nautical Blue (also from Motorpoint). Nautical blue it turns out is a rare colour and I eventually found one at local dealer in Bristol two days before I was due to collect it. I really disliked it so I sat on the dealer forecourt in the car, on the phone to Motorpoint and swapping to Frozen White, much happier bunny. Looks good too. Funny moment was when a sales bloke came out and asked if he could help to which I replied "no ta, I'm just buying my new Fiesta cheaper elsewhere", he didn't know what to say to that and went off. I've swapped colours/orders twice with Motorpoint and it's never bothered them in the slightest. Anyway, current one came from Derby. £99 will get it transported to a closer branch if there isn't one there already, but I like the road trip and it's not desperately far. Good time to familiarise yourself with the new toy. Other branches in Peterborough, Glasgow, Burnley, Chingford, Newport and Birmingham is a new one. Shop around but if you land on Motorpoint it's very asy, find a car, couple of 20 min calls on the phone, paperwork follows, collection is done and dusted in 20 mins and your on the road without all the usual smarmy dealer fluff and ball ache (sorry dealers out there).
  12. Your Experience In Buying A Brand New Fiesta

    Ever thought about Motorpoint? Always been very quick, easy, efficient, stress free. Very little hard sell and never tried to push me into OTT or unnecessary finance deals. Plus they've usually got lots in stock. The prices are fairly low already so not much leverage in negotiating a lower price but always made a tidy saving. I've always got the make/model/trim/colour wanted and never had any issues with resale etc. Only notable downside is sometimes travelling a bit to collect unless you stump up £99, but there are several branches. Orange Wheels is a good bet too and slightly older dealer pre-reg they've had lurking about in the show room for a bit longer than they'd like. Just know what make/model/trim/options/colour you want before hand and be well informed anyway, especially going a dealer route. Hope that helps and good luck.
  13. Automatic Lighting(2013 Fiesta Titanium Eco Boost)

    Got the same car and it's much the same with my dipped lights, not a great issue but it does seem a decent amount of light is needed to turn the lights off. Sometimes it's borderline and they're on and off all the time but generally I've just learnt to live with it. I've noticed they also come on if there's very strong low sunlight behind/in front which I sort of like, makes me a bit more seen when the sun is in the eyes of other drivers. Your right though, it's automatic and works but it's a bit cack handed as to how it's tuned and responds :-)
  14. Before I start a big thinks to TomRoscoe. It was his idea for this brilliant low cost mod and here’s his reverse camera installation: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/46371-fiesta-reversing-camera-and-screen/ There is overlap between Tom’s approach and mine so all credit to Tom where that’s the case. The theory is that a camera mounted in to the rear of the car takes its power from the reverse light bulb so when you engage reverse the camera powers up and sends a signal to the monitor to power up also. Brilliant and more fun the normal parking sensors. Truth be told I hate the look of reverse sensors running the width of the bumper and can’t justify the cost of them just now. So I found TomRosco’s installation, asked a few questions and had a bash. What I’ve ended up with though is a full reverse camera system for £25 and maybe 3hrs graft. With this in mind I thought I’d put something back and build on the information Tom provided that got me up and running, and I have documented my adventures in case anyone else wants a go at installing their own reverse camera. === Hopefully you will see a PDF document attached to this post with all the details of my installation including lots of photo's and step by step instructions. Reverse Camera.pdf === Go steadily, take care and do your homework as your car may have different coloured cables etc to mine. All common sense stuff really but hopefully the info TomRoscoe and myself have provided should be enough. Good luck and let's hear how other folks get on. Regards, Phil SEE ATTACHED PDF FOR GUIDE
  15. Headlight Bulbs Recommendations Please

    Try Nightbreaker Plus and Ultimate, Philips Vision bulbs like the X-treme Vision, Ring Xenon Ultima etc. Those are all very good and give a lot of extra and better focussed light. A good easy upgrade. To a lesser or greater extent a lot of bulbs have a blue coating. I've tried lots of varieties and decided in the end I'd rather see where I was going, but a nice clean white did look good with the DRL's :-) You'll still find the better engineered bulbs may have a blue coating, just much lighter or in bands to purify the light to the optimum and avoid glare. It's just a choice depending on what your after, safer driving, a better look or somewhere in between...but that somewhere in between will always look a little yellow'y. It's either, or.