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  1. if she aint cured within 1500 quid ill go an get a mondy st220
  2. thanks guys the coil pack is an ebay item an had plugs an ht leads done last yr when prob first happened but no improvment new coilpackj on way as seems only reasonable explanaion now but will replace all elec components anyway over the time until resolved
  3. my personal advice is give up an take to garage tis a bitvh had mine done oct last yr cost 1k fitted
  4. thanks btmaldon have now orderd her a new coil lets hope her horses get released by that or it time for an st220
  5. hey guys in desprate need of some advise at this dificult time recently me and my beautiful st170 have been havin a rough time to say the least she has started to judder when hot i have been spitting feathers trying to cure her upto now i have replaced/checked throttle pos sensor maf sensor fuel pump fuel comand module battery and redx can some1 tell me where to look next im worried guysthis cnt go on ps fuel pressure was checked using test system in dash help please
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums George Done :)