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  1. So Called Auto Wipers

    I have a focus with the auto lights n wipers. lights work fine but auto wipers don't work on auto setting. I've taken the whole thing off the screen n cleaned it. I've had the interior light out n checked the earth connection on the roof behind the light fitting. most recently i replaced the auto wipers unit by the interior mirror. still doesn't work !! any more ideas ?? wierd thing is on auto setting at sensitivity 6 if you move it to 5 it wipes once, then move to 4 it wipes once etc but even on setting 1 in the worst rain it still won't flippin work !!
  2. Automatic Windscreen Wipers, Electric Heated Windscreen

    We have an 04 c-max with exactly the same problem. have had a new windscreen after some stone chips and have replaced the windscreen mounted sensor with a part guaranteed to work off ebay. they still don't work and i have no ideas left.
  3. The front bumper headlight washers have stopped working. can only presume it's a winter issue and the pipes have popped off the back or something, how on earth do i get to them ?? and the back of that area? thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums tdci ross :)