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  1. A friend had the same problem after replacing both of those things he found that he had a split in the water bottle that opened more as the engine warmed up but would close as it cooled down arnt cars very strange things
  2. Nice tech mintalkin
  3. My mk4 did get around 44.3 around town that was on 150 thousand it did have a full service and some diesel conditioner put in it so may be that helps
  4. Well we must be on diff sites then cause as to date I havnt come across any one answering a question with some help full advice may be some funny quotes of such but not a great deal of technical advice there do seam a lot of ford owners that can say hi to a new be but when the new be askes a question regarding a problem I don't see a lot of response or help may be they should change the name of this site ford owners club just don't ask any questions cause we don't have any advice to give you just a thought
  5. Injection pump fuel metering control A cam rota injecter
  6. You don't seam to mention how many miles the car has dun
  7. I've Gota add after reading so many posts on this site it does seam very one sided ie not a lot of people getting some advice even a bit helps the person who has a problem as the saying goes its good to talk as time goes on with new people talking the time and effort to join and little or no response I wounder is there any point to such a one sided site
  8. Not being funny but fords are the best place they have all the right tools for the job but it does sound like its going into limp mode
  9. If your thinking of adding any device to your car ie parrot in car entertainment make sure they know what there doing and don't tape into any system wires it can cause so much trouble you wouldn't believe You have bin warned
  10. Before you put a diff ecu back in find out why it was curupted in the first place
  11. Thums up to the people at fords of Hertford the manager has bin great in going that extra mile
  12. Just a update m4 mondeo in fords at the moment Got a short in the wiring some where gallon of petrol and match looking good at the moment had a electrician looking at it for the last two days he can't find the fault got a some one coming down from from up north to have a look can't fault them at fords in Hertford might be a either the meter that was put in or the parrot or the DVD player either way the expert that's coming down hopefully will sort it out can't afford to have ford pull out the wiring loom they has said £2000 +
  13. It's regarding gear changes on my mk4 mondeo there seams to be a problem changing gears first and sometimes second but it ain't all the time some days it's fine some days it's a right pig
  14. Update on gearbox spoke to a mechanic I know he suggests putting a gearbox treatment in first which I will do but he did add that it might be a hydrolic problem as it isn't a constant problem as the mk4 mondeo has a hydrolic clutch
  15. All very good answers and so true But my question is still the same does anyone else have problems with the gearbox on a mk4 diesel 2.0 ltr 6 speed it does not seam a constant problem one day it seams fine next I feel like taking a match and gallon of petrol to it don't know if it is the gearbox or cables or something else surely I ain't the only one or am I the first of many don't know