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  1. Mk7 Fiesta Drl Idea

    I meant the first picture - if I could do I would give the halo rings a go but doubt that would go well! Did they sit quite flush within the grill or did you have to do a few mods to get them to fit in?
  2. Mk7 Fiesta Drl Idea

    I've been considering fitting some DRL's for some time now but not got round to it yet (seems the perfect time now though as the sun has finally come out....). Saw a post from Nath a while ago which, even though they don't look quite as good as the angel eyes, still look pretty nice. Anybody else considered this? Obviously it means actually having an Asian Grille (which luckily I have :) ) Just not too good with electrics myself
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Mods???

    I'd be interested in the Asian grill too Nath if you're looking to order some. How much do you reckon you'd be selling them on for (roughly)?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums BenStan88 :)