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  1. Thanks for the picture it does show what the hidden clips look like, I have been pushing them in from the inside it looks as though you have to pull them out from the inside with small tool . tegs
  2. Been struggling myself for a year it seems to be a secret nobody knows tegs 98411
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me how I can take out the top storage box underneath the windscreen so I can line it to stop things rattling, I have a ford fusion 07 1.4 auto, there are two screws when you open the lid when they are out it still will not come out , been trying to find out for over a year, I am going to run a wire through it to cigar lighter as I sit the sat nav on top of the box its better than stuck on the winscreen. If anyone wants to know how I site the sat nav on top of the storage box I will tell them its very easy to see when its there
  4. How to take out the top dash storage box from a ford fusion 07, I can take two scews out but it still will not come out

  5. Welcome to the Ford forums tegs98411 :)

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      Thanks Steve, still trying to find out how to post a question