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  1. if you do injectors yourself (very easy job) make sure everything is clean first around the top of the engine to prevent any debris getting in where it shouldn't. You will need an injector socket (will find the size for you later when I pop out to my car), you will also need a torque wrench. Ford also say you need a special tool to hold the injectors in alignment when putting them back in so that the electrical connectors and leak off pipes line up, however you dont, you can use a 15mm open ended spanner to hold them in place. Formidable will work with a normal lead for reading codes and I think live data, however a normal lead will not allow you to reprogram the injectors. You can try beforehand anyway by just downloading the software.
  2. suppose an inlet leak could cause it, not sure with your particular model but on some (mine included) the inlet hose from the maf to the turbo can split. Mine had slit just before it joins the turbo, could see it at first but when touched it was hardly joined!) I got an uprated one. Also the rubber pipe going to the egr valve can split as well. Noted you asked about formidable on another thread, the software is free but the leas is about £20 ish from ebay. The lead is different than normal obd leads, and it will also allow you to recode injectors which some people have allegedly done to help with injector problems (sometimes the ecu loses the injectors codes)
  3. sounds like you have air in the system from the filter change, also make sure the connectors ontop of the filter are on correctly. When my injectors had gone, I had no smoke just a lumpy idle when cold. What software are you using to log ? also are you connecting with an obd cable or bluetooth? If it is bluetooth that could explain erratic readings Throttle being at 100% even when its not could be a faulty throttle switch, I have heard of this once before appearing with the P0251, but with that there was a problem with the injectors and the throttle switch was secondary. The accelerator switches aren't to expensive to replace
  4. with injectors, usually cold start gives a lumpy idle like the engine wants to jump of its mounting! Generally though when warm it will be okay. A leak off test if this is happening should confirm that the injectors are not within spec. The best place for diesels unfortunately (specifically with fuelling related problems) is a proper diesel specialist
  5. Just changed my nearside cv joint (it had actually cracked inside and was missing a piece of metal - explains the knocking!) I found that one of the tripod bearings wasnt attached either! so I have reattached that and connected everything back up, took it for a test drive. I reversed off the drive and turned the car (everything fine no knocks) then got to the bottom of the road and turned right. It is then that I lost drive so got my mrs to tow me back to the drive. I haven't looked at the car yet as it was now night time (I had to wait for my wife to come in so I could get a jubilee clip for the driveshaft -both sides) which I couldnt get s it was too late so i patched up the existing ones (they are the type that you tension by pulling and then clip into place) Anyway, what is likely to have happened? is it likely to be the outside cv joint (maybe I didnt get it in far enough althoughit was secure and I tightened the hub nut to the correct torque) or could it be the tripod side? On the tripod side when I put it back in, I assume it doesnt have to engage in anything apart from the housing itself? Is the shaft physically held in place by the rubber boot and a jubilee? Got the day off tomorrow so I can check it over, but would like an idea on what I am likely to find!!! Cheers
  6. Mk3 Leaking Injectors 1+4 Help?

    go to a proper delphi diesel agent, dont bother with cash only deals as you are likely to get stung with no come back. Probably looking around about £100 + vat per injector, you can recode them yourself if you get some software called formidable (along with the lead from ebay) also works as a code clearer etc
  7. P0251 is a difficult code to diagnose as it can cover injectors, fuel pump, imv and fuel filter (probably others as well) The fact that you have a bad idle is a sign of injectors (changing the fuel filter if history is unknown is a good thing to do though, but lease use a bosch or ford one as ones from motor factors have been known to cause issues) If you change the filter and problem persists, then do a leak off test on the injectors , be warned though it can be costly to fix if it isnt the filter
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums jaytc2003 :)