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  1. Dab Radio In Ford Titanium

    When I remove my MP3 player the radio goes direct to a non tuned LW station rather than the previous DAB station. Any idea why?
  2. When I remove my MP3 player the audio goes to a radio station I did NOT have on before I insterted the MP3 player. I use DAB and when I remove the player it goes to a LW channel that is not tuned in. Any ideas?
  3. Retune Sony Dab Radio

    Thanks Chris. Is there no way to do a autotune like I can with my house DAB radio?
  4. Retune Sony Dab Radio

    I have a DAB radio in my new Ford Fiesta Titanium. However some stations say I need to re-tune as the station has moved. How do I do that? The fiesta manual, that came with the car, has very few details about the DAB radio part of audio
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Mark Betty :)

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