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  1. thanks I could not find it any where spent all day looking for something that's not there had half the car apart the problem is it doesn't work when parking ect I have changed the fluid as it was black new oil seems to have improved a little have air bubbles in the reservoir it say about using a vacuum pump to bleed the system in the Haynes manual is this a job for the garage
  2. hi can any one tell me where my power steering switch is I've spent all morning looking and can not find it im thinking it as been cut out car failed mot on it not working but had passed the last 5 years even know it didn't work
  3. so I've had another look at the wiper motor to day removed it from the car and cleaned and re greased still not working on the intermittent setting the wipers reach the top of the windshield and stop for about 45 seconds before returning to parked. the wiper`s work on all other setting other than if I pull the stalk down it dose not do a full sweep if I release the switch to early. I have done the GEM test and input and output are fine when I got to the end of the GEM test that is the intermittent wiper test the wiper`s worked as they should on intermittent setting so I have no idea what is wrong is there a way to reprogram the gem or something as have found if I set the intermittent then flick the wiper stalk up and down a few times between intermittent and 1st it seems to only pause at the top of the wind shield for about 5sec any one got any ideas
  4. I also had this problem turned out to be a snapped cable coming from the reversing switch worth a look
  5. Hi, the bumper was already fitted when I got the car a few years back from a coach works. but i'm guessing it is a straight swap as had it repaired when had a little bump and they didn't report any problems but not sure if the towing eye matches up as not checked
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