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  1. I did for the annual service and was next to a mustang. Unfortunately it was the week before the challenge. 😞
  2. Got mine this morning, however Gates said it was not all parts that were affected, apparently a quick process, they offered to check while I waited so can't be a big job...
  3. Dragging back an old topic... There is a recall on the parts replaced in in the Recall, if you had your car in under this Earlier recall they need to check the actual unit they used really was the waterproof version,,, Apparently most dealers will have the parts in already...
  4. Way I see it is if something happened and I need to show the footage I don't want a el Cheapo special that's hard to make out anything, most cams are fine in the day its night that's the issue. Mobius are about £50 it may be a false economy to go cheaper....
  5. I'd also suggest nextbase, I ummed and ahh's and then as Halfords were doing the 402 for just under £120 at Xmas in the sale I bought one of those. I considered Mobius but the nextbase has GPS so went with that, however they are not particularly stealthy looking, I covered the front of mine in black vinyl as the logos on it are a bit blinking obvious...
  6. Can anyone post a FINIS screenshot as that may have rough connector locations on it?
  7. Does it earth out by the same rout, ie the engine bay, or is the earth at the top (ie the power "flows up" the screen?
  8. Hi Anyone know how the power is routed in/out of the Quick Clear screens? Mines not working on the passenger side, not the fuse, however since I out a dashcam in its now worked. Could be it went last year and I've had no cause to use it., but is there a power or earth feed at the top that I may have damaged / dislodged when I pushed the cable behind the head trim? And if I have how do I get the ceiling trim off to check???? Or if someone can tell me that I can check myself... Ta...
  9. iNath could do it on the Mk7, (he did mine) and it was just a case of telling the car it had them, and then fitting the mirrors and a suitable doorswitch, so I suspect all the wiring is in place already.
  10. I know I followed most of your advice :) Just could not find anywhere I could use...
  11. I have a 2009 Style model (Well its the Econetic but its a style in eco friendly clothes) I want to put in a Dash cam, that the easy bit, its in and wired down the A frame through the back of the dash and currently goes to the Cig socket and I manually plug/ unplug it. However I often forget to unplug it, and I know at some point I'll forget before going on a week or more's holiday and the car battery will be flat when we get back to it so I want it on a switched live socket. Now I don't really want to play with the electrics to put it in permanently (as I may sell the car on the future, or the cam may break..) so I plan to put a Cig socket behind the dash, and wire that to the switched live via a piggyback fuse. That way its easily removable in future for a new cam or to move to a new car. So far so good, I have a working socket, wires to a piggy back fuse and all good. Now I'm stumped, First the 2009 fuse diagram in the manual bears no relation to my fusebox, in fact the 2012 facelift one is a closer match, but I'm used to that, what's stumped me is where the heck do I wire the earth and live to? Previous posts have said that fuse 43 is the active city stop, and that may be true (Or there is allegedly an Ignition 1 and Ignition 2 fuse both currently not populated on my fuse box that may be used, ) but where should I wire the -Ve/Earth return to? Without knowing that I may be on an active feed on Fuse 43, but no ground means no current. General advice on here is look for a grounding point but its all cloth wrapped wired as far as I can see and there's nothing obvious so I've no idea where I should wire the return to. Anyone got any suggestions or even better a picture??
  12. Nathan used to have a guide to check the wiring on the FiestaWiki pages but it looks like its gone. I've uploaded it to Drop box. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rcbdp4xf6zelghk/MK7%20Cruise%20Control%20Retrofit%20Compatibility%20Check.pdf?dl=0 I'm not trying to steal Nathans works, just make it accessible.. Look at the PDF, if you have the wiring in place then there's a good chance that you'll have the rest of the wiring and parts inplace. If the wiring in the steering colum is missing then its possible but will need a lot more.
  13. Ask iNath, he did mine a few years ago and its been perfect. You need the wheel with the wiring, and a change to the Ford software, however look on the guides there's a guide to checking if you car will have the wiring in place that it needs by opening up the steering wheel cover and checking connections are there
  14. Resurecting an older thread, anyone know whats a good choice to add a fuse for a switched live socket, My Ecotronic is effectivly a Style model and I double ford leave withing undne the fuze box will be fully wiured so they cna use a standardard harness / wiring loom. . Any suggesitons where I cam poiggyback or put in a fuse (in the car before any smart replies!!)
  15. This link may help - http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/23619-disable-esp-on-5dr-zetec-16-tdci/page-12#entry194289 Its from when I took my switch apart to add the ESP disable to my existing parking sensors switch. They are not discreet switches, but a preassembled circuit board..