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  1. Intermittant airbag light

    Very wise, hiding the light could hide the fact that the airbag is not operating, possibly ending in contact twixt your head & the windscreen :o Plus, AFAIK, removing the bulb is an MOT failure Check for loose/dirty contacts at the relevant fuse as well as the points already mentioned.
  2. Mk 3 Headlight

    Hi, Last time I owned a Fiesta was over 20 years ago!! Just bought a nice little 1991 pop plus auto with very low mileage for my 18 year old daughter. Seems in extremely good condition, no rot whatsoever :D & the only (small) fault I have noticed is that both headlights are full of water. Can they be dismantled, dried & resealed? or is it far easier to just replace with a couple of good used units? (plenty on ebay :D ) Are the glass fronts available? Any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks