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  1. I have a 2009 59 Fiesta Econetic and am trying to fit a Kenwood KDC-5751SD radio. So far I have tried the Autoloeads PC99-X50 which does not have the correct connector to plug into the Fiesta wiring loom. I have also tried the Connects2 CTSFO004 which connects up OK. However I can only load and eject CDs - the head units display does not come on at all so is unusable. I have tried another Kenwood head unit (with a different wiring loom plugged into the Connects 2) and get the same thing. I have read elsewhere that the Red Ignition wire may not be present, but I do not know how to check this. Please can anyone shed any light? Has anyone else replaced the manufacturer head unit, and if so what harnesses did you use? Thanks Andy
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Andy Slack :)