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  1. Front suspension problems - MK7

    i have the same problem in my 1.25 zetec 11 plate. ive had it in 3 times now and they have replaced both shocker tops and you can still hear the creaking its off back in next week for a 4th time to get it sorted do you think a full replacement of the shocks will solve it? thanks
  2. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    right then guys. i have a 1.25 zetec petrol model and it costs around 50 - 53 quid to fill up bottom to top depending on where i go to fill up. at the moment the trip says im getting 35.5 mpg which i dont know if it is good or even acurate as im only getting around 310 miles from a tank. does anyone know if this is correct for a 1.25 petrol? many thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums lyndon-mk7 :)