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  1. Stick some K Seal in and get shot
  2. As Tom says as long as the welder knows wot hes doing you should be ok, don't forget to disconnect the battery first, Yeap ur right Tom it will only take a few seconds to weld it back on, the problem is whether or not the metal is good enough and not rusty if it is you will end up with just a big hole and nothing to weld to if you've got a third of the hanger still attached you could weld another piece to it to re hang it some pics would maybe help (4got to say I'm a welder)
  3. I think its a torque converter (or it used to be in the old days ) not a clutch plate good job its under warranty cos that could cost a pretty penny
  4. Working or not it wont spoil the way the car drives Hope you get it sorted m8
  5. I understand plugging in diag m/c wont invalidate anything but if you start messing with things it'll be there excuse not to pay out it may be worth asking the 3rd party people though
  6. As wayne says sounds like a cv joint
  7. take it back to dealer where you got it, it should still have warranty b4 you have a go at it otherwise you may invalidate the warranty
  8. it was obviously just an oil service then, did you get charged for a full one?
  9. Did you just get the clutch changed or was it the whole kit (clutch,pressure plate,release bearing and slave/master cyl)? I can never remember what 1 is inside the g/box
  10. Mk1/1.5
  11. Its the headlight cover
  12. I'm not sure but there could be a relay as well if there is I would change that too
  13. were there an metal filings or any small metal particles in the old filter? if so it could be your fuel pump going, I had exact same on a 2004 focus tdci it was gonna cost loads so I got rid, I hope in your case its just air but you need to get the codes read first
  14. Get a small jnr hacksaw and cut down the side of the nut cos that track rod end is knackered anyways, its time consuming but i find its the easiest way to do it if you haven't got access to an angle grinder