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  1. Focus Starting issue

    Do the fuel filter as well, if you gonna change the glowplugs yourself be carful not to snap any of them and No4 is a right pig to get at (it was on mine anyway) don't use brute force if they are tight (softly softly catchy monkey)
  2. Fuel types

    Every now and again I stick a tankful of ultimate diesel in, it makes the car run smoother, smoother gear changes and seems to clear out some crud when you give it some welly
  3. It could also be a cv joint
  4. Wot code reader?

    That's wot I thought, think i'll stick to the dash trick for now thanks for your help though  stoney
  5. Wot code reader?

    I managed to get hold of the exact same one from a mate at work plugged it in and it came up with 'link error' and would not work on my car  so back to square 1
  6. Wot code reader?

    Ok m8 thanks for clearing that up for me im off to order it now
  7. Wot code reader?

    Thanks for the reply stoney, I had a look at the plug in my car and I can only see 7 pin holes that make connections (if that makes any sense) 3 along the top and 4 along the bottom, also on the details of that scanner says 2001 for petrol 2004 for diesel
  8. Wot code reader?

    any ideas?
  9. What is this pipe?

    It looks like some kind of breather pipe to me (it looks like it could be blocked too) I may be wrong though someone will be able to clarify I'm sure
  10. Broken hose?

    I cant really tell from the pic but it could be some kind of vac hose to the abs system it looks very similar to the one on my car that was broke when I got it its a ford only part I think it cost me bout £60 odd (that's why their called stealers)   
  11. Wot code reader?

     A m8 at work plugged his reader into my car it was a maxiscan eobd II but it came up with some communication error I think it is cos my car is a 2003 diesel and I read somewhere that they are good for cars 2004 on I also noticed reader was 16 pin plug  but I only seem to have 8 pins that make connection the plug fits ok so my question is what is the best reader for my car, 
  12. Focus Service light in Petrol cars...

    If your doing 25k in 8 months I wouldn't wait for a service light or indicator!
  13. REplacement Key HELP

    I would try an auto locksmith

    I was just thinking it could be the starter motor has seized