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  1. Hid's

    i got this kit and heres some pics not the best though you may also need this
  2. Photoshop Wanted Please?

    this isnt the best photoshop but i was messing about with paint with my car
  3. Matt Black Vinyl Wrap!

    this was on the forum
  4. Hid's

    so I've just fitted my HID's these one's also had these these were a great help will get pictures tonight to show them off :D
  5. Help Please

    well i have just bought these hopefully get these by thursday and will tell people what i think of them
  6. Help Please

    I've got a set of 6000k bulbs but they don't seem to light the road in front of me far, so i thought if i go for a HID kit they'll light up far in front of me
  7. Help Please

    yes I do have the projector headlights, so would these be a good buy or not
  8. Help Please

    what do people think about these
  9. Hids On Mk7

    Hi Lewist223</h3> i was wondering what HID kit did you get because im looking for some but not sure what to look for
  10. Hid Question Again

    can someone who has recently fitted HIDs into a Mk7 fiesta please tell me what kit you got and if there was anything else you needed for them. thanks Matt
  11. North Wales

    Is there anyone from North Wales and also fitted a HID kit and willing to help me if i was to buy one
  12. Universal Mudflaps

    the guy replied saying but this doesnt make sense to me Hi they are very universal fitting mud flap they are the flat type and not the moulded ones so they just need a flattish edge or lip around the wheel arch or bumper about 4 or 5 mm in width to attach your screws to,hope this make sence thanks
  13. Universal Mudflaps

    cheers em didnt really think about the feedback thingy and i'll email him to see what hes got to say about them and i got a mk7 fiesta titanium
  14. Universal Mudflaps

    anyone ?????
  15. Universal Mudflaps

    does anybody know if these would fit good on a mk7 fiesta without doing stuff to the mudflap