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  1. I had the first service completed around a month ago, and so the Police are looking into the Ford garage who completed this, as a matter of enquiry. I'll be interested to hear the reply from my insurance company after they review the footage/images. I received a call today from the engineering team who are assessing the damage, who are as shocked as me at how little damage there is to the lock -- they cannot see how they unlocked the car. I'm sure the actual insurers will have some further questions to ask Ford on this as well. I'm not too sure about Ford in general -- my contract for the car expires in December, so I'm not too sure what I am going to do yet. I absolutely love the car, and from looking at other manufacturers, the value for money is incredible and so any other car for the equivalent price would likely be a step down, which would be disappointing. I don't think it will be beyond economical repair, so they will likely repair it, but I'm going to have to do a lot more work in the coming weeks to figure out how to (hopefully) secure the car further as soon as it is handed over. The Police and Insurance company have received the CCTV footage and imagery today, so hopefully I should have some feedback by next week. Once I cut the footage down to a good size, I'll PM you with a link -- although it isn't of brilliant quality, it still clearly shows the incident.
  2. Hi all, For the second time, in as many years, I post after my car being the target of thieves ( This time, my car was broken into, with most easy things of value being stolen (wheels, stereo, various trim parts, grille etc.) The worrying part was how easily they got access to the car. We’ve got CCTV of the incident (which I’m not too keen posting publically here, but may provide privately to anyone interested), which shows that they gained access within 35 seconds, via the driver’s side door handle/lock. As shown in the pictures, the damage to the lock seems relatively minor by what I was expecting it would take to break into a modern car. It has a Cobra 2-1 alarm, which was shown to dis-activate when the doors were unlocked (single hazard light flash on CCTV). Also worrying was that at one point the full-beam headlights were turned on – this only being possible with the ignition also being on, as far as I know. The car doesn’t have keyless entry/start by request, due to the previous theft incident; therefore the question of how this was possible is a puzzling one for me. I believe the only reason they didn’t drive away is because of the disk-lok steering wheel immobiliser. I’ve spoken to Ford’s directly, who have clearly stated that “they have no reports of similar incidents, and so cannot comment”, and are not willing to view either the video evidence, or imaging (I’ve since provided all to police and insurance company to hopefully pursue with Ford). I’m just a bit baffled as to how this could have occurred, and what I can do to prevent it next time – bearing in mind after the last incident I purchased an alarm and tracking system for the car, expecting for it to be safe. Has anyone any thoughts?
  3. I've used Ford Insure for the past few years and I'd really recommend them. I unfortunately had to claim for my stolen car and was expecting the worst in terms of service and replacement timescales, but from loss to picking up the new car was just 3 weeks -- having daily contact from them with updates too.
  4. I'm just about to move away from Ford Insure (due to price issues only), but I had to make a claim for the loss of my car earlier in the year and they (RSA) were absolutely brilliant. It was dealt with by one individual throughout who was always helpful, and from the car being stolen to being in the new car was just 3 weeks! To be honest after all the horror stories you hear about insurance companies, I was expecting the worst, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. Is definitely a good idea (I'm the guy in that thread whose car was stolen btw). The convenience of keyless entry/start doesn't come close to match up with the piece of mind I now have without this option. I would also recommend fitting a tracker system - the reduction in my insurance premium made having it fitted much less costly than I thought it would (and obviously the piece of mind it brings is invaluable). Either way, I'm sorry to hear about your car. If you need any help/advice from someone who has been through it not so long ago, feel free to drop me a PM :)
  6. Yeah I've got one, well my second one - first one was stolen :(. I love the car, really enjoyable to drive, and a good environment to drive in (good stereo, limited road noise, comfy seats)!
  7. If that's the case, I would have thought they left the button/light module to avoid a big hole in the dash! However I suppose that's one less thing you would have to thread through/cut a hole for (assuming the wiring to that button is still intact). I had my local dealer fit mine as part of the option I haggled for when I bought the car, so I wouldn't know how easy it is to fit. The alarm seems quite good, and obviously you can add modules as you wish (anti-tilt, dual-zone proximity sensor, shock sensor). I had mine fitted as part of a tracker system too, as I had my previous Fiesta Metal stolen :( It's up to you whether you think it would be worth fitting it, but it's likely help with those pesky insurance premiums!
  8. It would have been fitted after-market. Have a look under your bonnet and see if you can see a siren like that displayed below. Or, do you see any ultra-sonic sensors either side of the sun visors, like those displayed below (on the left of the picture).
  9. Make sure the side air vents (the ones that spin 360 degrees and close flat) are pointed towards the side-windows as well. Then leave the blower on the front-facing setting, and the windscreen setting. This should stop both the front and side-windows steaming up (does for me, anyway)
  10. It's for an alarm (looks to be a 'Cobra' branded one, as I had an after-market Cobra alarm fitted and I have exactly the same setup as in your picture). It allows you to over-ride the alarm by entering a set morse-code style password using that button if you lose your keys (randomly generated at the factory and would be displayed in the handbook, if you have it). The flashing light shows that the alarm is active, and will show a sequence of flashes if/when the alarm goes off, to indicate what sensor was triggered (e.g. anti-tilt, ultrasonic, doors/perimeter, engine start attempt)
  11. Gutted to hear about another keyless Fiesta being stolen. I had my Fiesta Metal stolen back in March this year. Again, it had the keyless entry & start system. This is my thread: http://www.fordowner...a-metal-stolen/ If you have the time, some of the information on there may be useful in respect to the insurance claim etc. or ideas of how it was stolen. In my case it was almost certainly a 'technology-related' theft, with the method being somehow related to the keyless-system, as opposed to the mechanical lifting and taking of the car. I now have the replacement, fitted a tracking system, and use a 'disklok' steering wheel lock when parked overnight - gives me peace of mind when leaving the car. Drop me a PM if you need any help with the process, or advise on security - I spent a long time researching! EDIT: Also it might be a good idea to give some details of the location, any specific details of the car (preferably a photo), and approximate time that it was taken.
  12. I'm currently averaging around 40mpg, but bear in mind that is from new, so it took time for the engine to bed in. Also, as I've only had it a few months, I'm still driving it "enthusiastically"! I mainly drive on motorways, and occasionally country roads. The road noise is fine, the exhaust growls at lower speed/higher revs, but it isn't noticeable to motorway speeds (I don't think anyway). All in all I would definitely recommend the Metal! It will hold its value better, handles amazingly, and makes a good noise at the higher revs.
  13. There are other trackers on the market other than the "TRACKER" brand ones, which require police equipment to locate. After my previous car was stolen (see page 1 of this thread!), I now have the "Cobratrak Plus Web", and it is very very good. It has web access which allows me to track, and "geofence" the car overnight, so that if the car moves over 10m or so, even with the keys, I will get a phone call from the monitoring centre. Is also a much smaller system than the "Tracker" ones, so the installer can be more creative in hiding the device.
  14. Very true, I'm sure technically they could veto the claim purely based on "Suspicious Circumstances"
  15. I'm not sure if she means that the insurers now will not insure her - surely they cannot refuse to pay-out on grounds that a previous car has been stolen in similar circumstances?