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  1. New Drl's Installation

    Yeah me and my mates installed them. Easy as hell. And we found a source of power in the fuse box that turned off with my ignition and wired them in, they been working perfect ever since! Give it a go man!
  2. New Drl's Installation

    Thanks Jeebo and no indicator switch dude but you can get them, have a look on eBay. The ones I bought were these: There are loads of others on eBay though dude. Just have a look at which ones you fancy.
  3. New Drl's Installation

    eBay mate! And they probably will coz there universal. Well most DRLs are tbh unless you actually by the like £200 headlight units for you car lol
  4. Hey guys, I've recently installed some new DRL's on the front of my Mondeo so thought I'd show you them. Now I know there not everyone's cup of tea but I think they give cars a really nice modern look but anyway here ya go:
  5. Best Driving Songs?

    I'd slam a bit of Alt.Rock on and jobs a good en' ;)
  6. New Guy On The Block....

    Nice 1 for the links Lenny but I'm a web designer at heart lol! So got my own web server for my pics etc etc but photobucket is awesome all the same! And the links are very handy! I've re-registered with a different username btw lol so all good!
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Big Dai :)