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  1. Bit Advice Really,

    Hello, I own a 02 Fiseta finesse 5 door and just looking to do a few modifications really and seeing where it goes from there. I've been looking into banding My steel wheels its a look i like but its very costly after getting all wheels done and then new tyres aswell. Ive seen some Alloys going on ebay for £140 with partly worn tyres and was wondering if this would be a better option for now untill the money is there to band the steels. Any advice is appreciated. Cheers Tom
  2. Hey guys, done some damage to my front bumper recently and looking to get a new bumper. Been looking around the Internet but have been unable to find a place that sells the front bumper my fiesta has. the single strip bumper with a lower plastic attachment. I have found a MK6 2002 bumper and was wondering if it would fit my model? Any help you could give me would be great, Cheer Tom
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums wheeler01 :)