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  1. Hi anyone have an answer to this problem, 1980 Escort 1600, motor revs when you press the brake pedal, I know it has to do with the vacuum, but not sure what to look for, I have checked the pipes for cracks , none found.
  2. The more I strip, the more rust I find :(

  3. Workshop Manual Needed Urgently

    I have a 1980 Ford Escort with a 1600 Kent motor in it, I am busy refurbishing it. I need a workshop manual that covers this motor so I can strip it down and re assemble it to it's original state. Anyone have a link I can download this manual from. I bought one over the internet but it does not cover this model the 1600. Please help me :)
  4. Newbie

    Hi All, I'm Gavin from South Africa, I am currently restoring a 1980 Ford Escort 1600 GL to it's former glory, I will post pic's of progress.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Escort 1980 :)

    1. Escort 1980

      Escort 1980

      Thank you Steve, where is the best place to get advice about my car ?