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  1. Thanks mate. Hmmm, there are 8mm or 10mm versions. May go with the 10mm one. Ive seen mixed reviews on them to be honest but will give one a try. If it fails I will just manually fill the filter like i did on my old A4.
  2. Anyone?
  3. Mines getting connected to a switched live. Haven't looked at the fusebox yet so cant comment on that. And I agree with @alexp999 I rather do things myself as I know its a quality job. Some garages can't be trusted.
  4. The NextBase hardwire kit is very straightforward. I suspect the term "hardwire" makes it sound more difficult than it is. Piggyback connector for a fuse in the fuse box, earth to a bolt on the body and run the wires up the A pillar. Be doing mine at the weekend, as its currently just powered by the rear power outlet.
  5. Trance / Old School House / Original Clubland (Early stuff)
  6. Mines mounted slightly left and down so i don't get any of the sensor in mine. I have a NextBase 312GW and just bought the hardwire kit which simply pigybacks off another fuse in the fusebox.
  7. Noticed mine doing this on way to work this morning. However it is due a service and a fuel filter change so hopefully that will sure it.
  8. My 2012 makes a squeal sometimes - sure I've read a thread somewhere with lots of people finding this issue. I have no slip or judder and it drives fine so I am just leaving it.
  9. Mines located in the position you state, to the left of the box and partly behind the mirror. Its not distracting or in the way of anything. I forget its there tbh.
  10. New to the MK3 Focus, what lead is recommended for use with the FoCCCus software?
  11. Going to change my fuel filter next weekend so need to order a priming pump. What size is the fuel line off the filter, so I can order the pump with the right size connector?
  12. Thanks mate yeah I believe the battery is in the way for that one. I've changed them on an A4 just wanted to make sure the process was as simple as it was on that, however on the A4 the engine needed to be jacked up to get it off the mounts. I don't believe this is the case with the Fiesta though...
  13. Used Hammerite on my calipers and drums for years without issue. Although always used the pot of paint not the spray.
  14. Anyone? Is it a case of supporting the engine with a jack and then undoing and replace?
  15. I want to change the upper engine mounts on my fiesta as I think one or both is the cause of an issue I have. How easy are these to change?