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  1. <_< <_< Not to worry I have sorted it out now. It just needed a bit of force and some WD-40. Thanks for your help guys
  2. I haven't removed any of the wiper blades because I thought it would be a easy job, but the small arm is stuck. I have only removed the screws that were attached to the motor :(
  3. I have taken all the screws off. Now I can't seem to remove the old motor from the long piece of metal (where the black piece of plastic is on the picture). But the replacement part you can take of the long piece of metal effortlessly. Picture of the replacement part
  4. Ok I located where it is. But how do you remove the plastic seems impossible without the plastic panel removed first.
  5. My front wiper motor is faulty. It was raining when I took my car to the MOT test centre and suddenly the wiper stopped working so I had to park for a few minutes until it stopped raining. When I got the test centre the front wipers started to work again...weird I know. And now it doesn't work any more ahaha. There isn't anything wrong with the fuse. Does anyone have any instructions or diagrams on how to replace the wiper motor? Many Thanks