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  1. Poor Quality Paint?

    yes I agree but I was utterly surprised when I saw it, wondered if Ford were now painting their cars with crayons
  2. Poor Quality Paint?

    2012 Focus TitaniumX - panther black metallic Have just washed the car for the first time and have noticed streaks which come from the washer nozzles that run down the bonnet, as if the washer fluid has marked and eaten into the paint. It's from both nozzles and there's a couple of streaks from each that go across the bonnet as if fluid has fallen by gravity, so it's definately washer fluid. There's also general marking around the nozzles. It's a short of blue-ish colour. I've not touched the washer fluid so it's as supplied by Ford. Is the paint that rubbish that it can be damaged by washer fluid? If so it's going back to the dealer...
  3. Instrument Dimmer Switch

    and why do I appear to have what looks like a white plastic funnel in the boot where the spare wheel is, in a sealed plastic bag? Is it something to do with the fuel filler?
  4. Instrument Dimmer Switch

    So this EasyFuel isnt EasySteal then? There's protection to prevent siphoning? and what's to stop something bad being put into the fuel tank? Can the car be misfueled with petrol? I thought a petrol nozzle was smaller than diesel.
  5. Instrument Dimmer Switch

    Paul, thanks, I got it sorted last night and concur with what you say, the buttons need a quick jab, then wait a second, then jab again etc. The thing was what I thought was bright was actually the dimmest setting! So the car's like Blackpool illuminations at night, oh well. Could have done with all the illumination a lot dimmer. I also find the two message displays very bright in the daytime and quite offputting, as well as a shiny dashboard reflecting in the windscreen. That said, good car though (and why doesnt the fuel filler cap lock?!)
  6. Instrument Dimmer Switch

    Stormin, the two butttons are on the right of the rotary knob for the lights and have a picture of a tachometer dial with needle
  7. Instrument Dimmer Switch

    Lenny, Thanks but that's when I'm using the +/- adjustment, when the headlinghts are on. Is there another setting somewhere else that's overriding this or is it linked to the daylight sensor? I was trying this in the dark but in the driveway where there's streetlighting.
  8. Instrument Dimmer Switch

    Brand new Focus Titanuim X - the instruments and dashboard are very bright but using the +/- switches to the right of the lights rotary switch dont seem to do anything, what am I doing wrong?
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Victorthevan :)